Is It the Best Choice for Pet Monitoring?

As a pet tech option, the Furbo 360° brings a host of favorable upgrades to those looking to stay more closely connected with their dog. Whether dealing with separation anxiety or the occasional trip away, it can prove an invaluable asset. While there’s a few usability restrictions with the camera, most will find the Furbo 360° outweighs its cons.

Key Features

  • 100-piece treat capacity for treat toss
  • Color night vision
  • 360° rotatable view
  • Automatic dog tracking

  • Resolution: 1080p (FHD)
  • Dimensions: 223 x 125 x 125 mm (8.77 x 4.92 x 4.92 inches)
  • What’s Included: Furbo dog camera, 2-meter USB-C cable, power adapter, and quick start guide
  • Brand: Furbo

  • Tall design with a natural aesthetic
  • Automatic dog tracking works well
  • Night vision options (including auto-detection)
  • Good treat toss range while housing a good amount of treats
  • Easy reconnection when disconnected

  • Doesn’t work with 5GHz Wi-Fi
  • Occasional app glitches
  • Some smart alerts are hit-or-miss
  • No camera tilt

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The Furbo 360° pet camera provides dog owners with an opportunity to keep an even better eye on their dogs when not at home. With new upgrades alongside a variety of monitoring options, there are seemingly even better ways to stay informed. However, not all dogs require the same, so let’s discuss whether the Furbo 360° deserves a spot in your home.


Limited Time Discount for the Furbo 360° Dog Camera

For its initial release window, Furbo is offering a launch pricing of the Furbo 360° dog camera for $147. This is 30% off the regular $210 pricing. To get this special price, use discount code EARLYBIRD360 on either Amazon or in combination with a 20% discount for this promotional pricing.

Furbo 360° Dog Camera Set-Up and Placement

If you’re new to cameras in your home, the Furbo 360° follows a fairly standard set-up procedure. After plugging the camera in, you’ll need to download the Furbo app and register an account. With that said, one of the first details of the Furbo 360° that distinguish it from other generic security cams is there’s guided instruction on how to get your dog comfortable with the Furbo after set-up.

While not all dogs or owners will need the extra conditioning, it’s a nice option for those needing some extra assistance with initial integration. Additionally, Furbo offers a quick access training video under your camera’s settings.

Once you’re ready to place your Furbo, there are a few details to keep in mind. For placement, Furbo has given a few different baseline recommendations. Generically, it’s suggested that you keep it between three and four feet from the ground whilst utilizing the generous 5.9-foot USB-C cable and power adapter to keep it powered.

But you’ll also want to keep in mind your dog’s height, personality, and overall mobility. As an owner of two Shiba Inu, I didn’t need as much height since they’re a smaller dog breed, and they aren’t as extremely food-motivated. But if you’re the owner of a larger dog or a more treat-motivated dog, you may wish to consider taking advantage of height or the fixed 3M doubled-sided tape on the bottom of your Furbo to prevent any accidental toppling over.

While the bamboo lid provides a very good seal, these are some nice secondary preventative measures. The Furbo 360° camera offers a rotating 360-degree view, so you’ll also want to place it within an uncluttered space to take full advantage of its sweeping pan.

Furbo 360° Dog Camera Technical Specifications

As a camera foremost, it’s important to touch on the 360’s camera quality. Specifically, the Furbo 360° dog camera utilizes a full HD 1080p camera with a 132° wide-angle lens.

For streaming purposes, users can toggle between 1080p, 720p, and 360p resolution based on their needs. To keep up with any pet’s daily roaming, there’s a 4X digital zoom to complement the rotating 360° pan. As a downside, there’s no option to tilt the camera up or down vertically, so your dog can escape out of view in select scenarios.

Other restrictions come in the form of connectivity. For the Furbo 360, there’s only support for 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2.

So what makes the Furbo 360° worth your attention versus a cheaper security camera? Foremost, the Furbo is designed with dogs in mind. So while you can replicate some basic interactions with standard 360° cameras, you’re not going to have things like the treat dispenser, specialized lights and sounds, barking alerts, or the automatic dog tracking.

Plus, if you’re paying for a more generic cloud storage plan, you’re not going to get the advanced alerts that the Furbo’s Dog Nanny plan comes with.

Furbo App Overview

When dealing with your footage, a proper app interface can make-or-break usability. Thankfully the Furbo app is minimal but succinct. Once you’ve signed in, you can add pet profiles, hop into a live view, or look at your cloud recordings as you scroll down.

For those wanting to look at their footage chronologically, it’s simple to scroll down through all of the currently stored cloud footage. Additionally, there’s also the option to sort your recordings based on Furbo’s dog-based categories.

For each recorded clip, you can opt to download or delete it individually. However, there’s currently no option to bulk download or delete within the Furbo app. In terms of stability, there’s occasionally a bug or glitch that’ll make the app report that video loading failed, but I only ran into this rarely.

Furbo is also always taking in feedback since when you view any of your dog’s videos, you’re given the option to tap what your dog was doing in that video. For those on a time pinch, tapping on the Furbo Dog Nanny bottom tab brings up the app’s auto-generated daily summary videos of the entire day’s footage.

Utilizing the Furbo App’s Live View

When you do hop into Furbo’s live view, there’s a very evenly spaced UI that keeps all the essential information at your fingertips. As with the app’s main menu, everything bears a very clean visual look to it. Whether you’re tossing a treat or checking a time stamp, it’s all easy to take advantage of.

However, when working with any 360-degree camera, you want to know how panning feels. While the Furbo app doesn’t really offer any adjustable speed for the camera’s pan, it moves at a reasonable rate.

Whether tapping or holding down the directional within the app, all inputs had proper weight. For multiple dog households, however, you also may wish to disable automatic tracking during manual operation for better focus control.

For those hoping to monitor their dogs while sleeping or during quieter times, the Furbo 360 operates largely silently. But when you want to draw your pet’s attention, the two-way audio volume and treat toss can be scaled up in volume as needed.

Furbo Dog Nanny Subscription Choices and Decisions

With the Furbo 360° dog camera, a trade-off is some features are gated behind the Dog Nanny subscription. New camera owners do get a thirty day-trial and one-time heavily discounted extension before needing to choose between a monthly, yearly, or two-year plan.

Now the question with any cloud service or feature-gating is it worth it? Without the Furbo Dog Nanny plan, you do have the automatic dog tracking in live view, still the 360° rotatable, treat tossing, and barking alerts. But you’re losing cloud recording, daily dog ​​diaries, the many categorical smart alerts, and the premium scheduling features.

For most, the free trial should give most users a good idea of ​​the practicality of these additions for their pet. For instance, some beta alerts weren’t that accurate—I only got false dog potty alerts for instance. Comparatively, I found all the Furbo’s selfie and activity alert notifications to be extremely accurate.

However, getting daily summaries and more consistent notifications that were sorted by activity does allow for easier tracking while away. Additionally, for all the Dog Nanny smart alerts, you’re also able to freely toggle them on or off.

So if you’re interested in only getting alerts for certain behaviors, it’s completely customizable. When you pair this with features like the volume of the two-way audio and barking alert and a customizable sensitivity range, there’s a lot you can tweak to your dog’s need.

Furbo 360° Dog Camera Treat Dispensing and Interaction

Apart from the camera, we should also talk about the treat dispenser. If you’ve worked with any automatic pet food dispenser, you probably already have a good idea of ​​how it works. With the Furbo 360°, there’s the option to use either large treats (up to 0.75 inches), or small treats (0.5 inches).

For best results, Furbo recommends dry, firm, and round treats. With this in mind, the rubber that pushes the treats through does a good job at not crushing any treats. While there is still the potential for a clog, repeat tosses can get it chunked out, or you can usually remove it with your finger or by shaking the Furbo upside down.

With my dog ​​pair, they really responded well to the default squeaky sound when a treat is dispensed. But there’s also an option to record your own sounds to a max of six seconds. In practice, this can coordinate nicely for anyone looking to teach their dog or dogs to associate different sounds with certain treats.

In further testing, the Furbo dispensed somewhere between one and three treats. And the toss distance stayed pretty predictable with a higher height also making it easier to avoid it potentially shooting under unwanted areas such as furniture. With Alexa integration, you can also deliver treats by voice command.

For those worried about potential weight gain with their dogs, I also successfully used smaller kibble for supplemental use. While Furbo does provide some recommended treat brands, most training treats work well.

Furbo 360° Dog Camera’s Night Vision

In terms of night vision options, the Furbo 360° offers a choice between three settings. For those using color night vision alone, it still does require some degree of visible light, so you can’t use it in pure blackness. While you can opt for the simpler black and white night vision, you can also set Furbo 360° to decide for you automatically.

When set to adjust automatically, the Furbo 360° integrates neatly into smart home lighting set-ups, so you can adjust your pet monitoring to the routine of your home.

Should You Buy the Furbo 360° Dog Camera?

With the Furbo 360° dog camera, pet owners have a versatile monitoring tool to weigh against their pet’s current needs. If you’re away frequently from home, the Furbo 360° dog camera is a great connectivity option. And if you’re preparing to leave your dog with someone else, the Furbo 360° dog camera reconnects easily even on different networks.

Overall, even if you don’t want to partake in the optional Furbo Nanny subscription, there’s a lot of value and more tailored options that make it a valuable piece of pet tech. Whether you’re after everyday use or wish to ward off a pet emergency, there’s plenty to ways to utilize the Furbo 360° dog camera.

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