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This weather and slow fishing is keeping bass fishing on the floor. While striper and sandbass are still doing good on live bait. Talking to one of the guides working out of our cove Wednesday morning, he said he could see lots of the slider fish on his tell-all electronics, hanging at about 30 feet deep above ledges.

Now he and I have something in common — we don’t like suspended fish. He had filled his clients’ limits but after they left, he and I talked. He used live bait to fill their limits of fish but admitted that fishing was slow and he really had to work.

He said in the deep water he could see the fish on his electronics but they were hard to make bite. I had the same story about working hard to get a bite.

Going after the green fish now is tough, you can catch little ones and maybe a swimmer or two but for the most part it’s a lot of casting for little return.

I got on the lake Wednesday morning about 7 am The air was cool and gentle waves were coming in as I headed out. The water splashing on me as I busted a few of the bigger waves felt good. Clearing the no wake buoy, I headed southeast down to Buzzard Point.

Going past the point I eased in and started working with a new Dynamite Heddon Spook Jr. called Brilliant White. While it didn’t work for me Wednesday, it is going to be a must-have for bass and the slider fish.

Not only a brilliant white, it has purple and chartreuse with some blue in the body scheme. Now all these colors are killers at times as the year goes on. If you haven’t seen this new bait yet, go to Lurenet .com or the paint shop.

I switched to my never-fail Rebel P60 Pop R. Well; This time it almost failed me. I was almost feeling desperate and picked up a lure I don’t use much, the ¼ oz. Booyah one Knocker, and made a cast.

As I was letting it sink I got a strike. Setting the hook, I was into a fight with something. It was taking drag and then I remembered to tighten up the drag. This stopped it and I got it turned and worked it back to the boat.

Now you have heard fish tale stories; well I was fishing in Texas and roped a five-pound channel cat. Not making this up but someway somehow while the lure was falling this kittycat fish rolled and got the lure behind its fins with the hook not into the fish but hooked on my line like a noose.

Getting it up to the side of my boat where catfish are not welcome, I got him loose. In all my years of fishing I had never caught one like this.

Leaving there I started working my way north hitting points and brush begging to show as the lake keeps dropping. Finally, with it getting warmer I went into Grandpappy Marina for one of my favorite deep winter spots.

I picked up my rod with the POP R on it, made a cast and when it hit the water there was an explosion. The fish set the hook itself and I got a true largemouth bass in my boat. While not much to brag about in size, it was a keeper.

I gave Grandpappy another 30 minutes or so with no more action before I headed out and put Tombstone on the trailer and went to the house. At least on this trip I caught something, even if I did have to rope one.

The Little Dixie Bass Club will be holding their August 5-6 Night Tournament this weekend at Catfish Bay, Hours are 8 pm to 8 am each night.

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