June is national cat adoption month, and here’re some options in Athens

Jill Fishburn met Anais at a difficult time.

Anais was a stray cat, recently taken off the streets and living in a foster home with five other animals. She didn’t get along with other cats and would cope by breaking and peeing on things. It was not a good living arrangement for Anais, or her caretakers, and she needed help.

Originally, Fishburn’s partner was skeptical. The pair was still grieving from the loss of their pet and Anais’ kitten, Alphonse, who recently passed away from feline infectious peritoma. Fishburn’s partner worried about fostering a difficult cat, but Fishburn wanted to “do it for Alphonse.”

Eventually her partner agreed, and when Anais came to stay with them, she never left.

“[Fostering Anais] ended up being one of the most amazing experiences of our lives, to the point where we did actually foster-fail her,” Fishburn said. Foster-failing is a term for cat fosters who end up adopting the cats they foster.

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