KatSupreme Launches Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape

The latest innovation from KatSupreme provides an instant solution to unwanted cat scratching behaviors in the home.

While some cats can be trained to only scratch their designated scratch pad or cat tower with relative ease, others are rather more persistent in their preference to target furniture, especially once their owner is out of sight. It can become incredibly stressful to try and stop this unwanted scratching behavior; Smelly sprays and unattractive furniture coverings are a pain to use and rarely solve the problem.

KatSupreme’s Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape solves all of these issues. This deterrent tape has a range of features designed to make it easy to use and highly effective. These include:

Customizable in size and shape – large sheets that can easily be cut to size using scissors
Large sheet sizes – cover a generous area with ease
Flexible design – the tape’s flexibility makes it easy to wrap around corners and other curved furniture surfaces
Durable adhesion – cats and people can pass it by without easily pulling it away from the surface it’s adhered to
Cat-safe adhesive – peace of mind that the tape is completely safe for cats
Transparent material – inconspicuous design for covering furniture without ruining a home’s aesthetic

An immediate (and permanent) solution

Endlessly telling cats off for scratching and clawing at furniture can begin to cause a lot of stress within the home, and most training-based approaches take time, thus causing more damage to furniture in the interim. It also takes time to train a pet – time that not every pet owner has to spare, and sometimes, a quick solution is desperately needed.

According to the tests conducted by KatSupreme, a Smart Pet Brands Company based out of Delaware USA, cats do not like the texture of the tape and typically stop scratching any surface it is adhered to immediately. In addition, because the cat is immediately deterred, the tape can redirect the cat away from the behavior completely; In other words, coming across the tape can interrupt the pattern of thought and behavior so much that it causes the cat to permanently stop the furniture scratching behavior altogether.

KatSupreme: Solving Cat Owner’s Problems

As a leading pet product business, KatSupreme’s primary goal is to effectively solve the problems of cat owners by offering a line of innovative and functional products that make life easier, leaving cat and owner to lead a happier, healthier life together.

The KatSupreme brand was launched by cat people, for cat people. Working alongside a team of cat behaviorists, veterinarians and other feline experts, KatSupreme has developed a signature line of safe, trustworthy products that solve everyday problems while honoring cat’s needs.

The company prides itself on developing low-stress solutions that are easy for cat parents to implement at every stage, and are safe and beneficial for cats. KatSupreme also focuses on ensuring that no product ever prioritizes convenience over a cat’s physical or mental wellbeing. All products are designed with functionality and feline-friendliness in mind, to help cats and people live in harmony with one another.

Expert-approved for maximum safety and efficacy

All KatSupreme products go through a thorough evaluation and testing process by cat behaviorists and cat product experts before being launched.

Hundreds of hours of market research go into establishing what the key cat-ownership issues are and how best to solve them. From there, the products are evaluated by cat behaviorists to ensure that they are safe, well-constructed and feline friendly in every way. The KatSupreme product process then includes post-launch evaluations, working with experts and via consumer feedback to ensure that all product packaging, instructions and functionality are of the highest quality.

KatSupreme founder Amos Kalai says:

“Furniture scratching is a real problem for many cat owners, and it can be a tricky one to solve. With this specially designed deterrent tape, the problem is immediately solved, and typically permanently, too. While the tape surface is entirely safe for cats, they simply don’t like the texture and are instantly deterred. In addition, the design has been developed for easy use, minimal visual impact due to its transparency, and has been tested to ensure that it doesn’t damage the furniture it is applied to.”

Our Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape offers an easy-to-use, instant solution to a common issue among cat owners, and at KatSupreme, we’re excited to add another highly functional, safe product to our growing line of unique designs.”

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