Lots and lots of cats in this week’s Dogtown, plus friendly, gentle Ryker


The Fourth of July is coming up next week. Now is the time to make sure that your dogs and cats have current ID tags, check that your fences and gates are secure and contact your veterinarian if your pet needs medication to help keep them calm through neighborhood fireworks. Maybe your pet doesn’t mind the noise – Hank never has – but please be respectful of the pets (and veterans) in your neighborhood as you choose how you will be celebrating.

While this column is intended primarily to highlight dogs at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter and with Redwood Pals Rescue, I do want to take a minute to mention the current cat situation.

Thanks to some recent discoveries of hoarding situations, 70 cats and kittens have arrived at the shelter in the last month. That’s a lot of cats and unfortunately it sounds like there are more out there.

Just last night I received a call from someone wanting help with a cat she had taken in. She said it had come from across the street and she thought that there might be 50 more cats at the house! I referred her to a cat rescue to get veterinary help for the one that was with her and to animal control for the others. I just cringe inside at the thought of situations like this. If you’ve been looking for a cat or kitten, now is a good time to check out the felines at the shelter. You can always see the selection of adoptables at 24PetConnect.com.

We have been making some headway in reducing the canine population through adoptions. There are still some great dogs available though!

I recently conducted a meet-and-greet with Zephyr, who had attended the Kinetic Sculpture Race with us. Zephyr did everything he could to show the potential adopters what a good boy he was. He hammed it up in the wading pool, played fetch, said a friendly “hi” to the other dogs that were out and about and showed off his obedience skills.

It was looking pretty good until a volunteer went by with a puppy. It is hard for our full-grown dogs to compete with puppy cuteness…

The next day the couple came back and adopted the pup. Of course, we want adopters for our puppies also. The real advantage of adopting an older dog is that they are already out of crazy puppy behavior and you can see what you are getting. No potty training or chewed shoes!

We have lots of adult dogs ranging from active one- and two-year-olds like Zephyr up to our mellow 12-year-old Dozer. Right in the middle is Ryker at six years old.

Ryker is a very gentle fellow. On a recent outing with one of our volunteers Ryker demonstrated that he is fine with cats and great with kids. He even enjoyed seeing the goats at the park. He loves getting attention and is so happy to see us when it’s time for his walk!

Ryker has been fine with all the dogs that he has met. He had a meet-and-greet that went south when the other dog bit him hard on the tongue. Ryker didn’t react in any way except to indicate that he would like to leave the yard now please. Poor buddy had quite the laceration but has remained his cheerful self through his recovery.

Ryker has a pretty brindle coat and is just starting to get a little distinguished gray on his muzzle. He is housebroken and happy to go for a good walk or hang out for pets. Ryker likes toys of all kinds and would be happy to be a lap dog if allowed. At a healthy six, Ryker should still have half of his life (or more) ahead of him.

Are you looking for an easy-going dog? Ryker could be the one for you! Ryker is neutered, microchipped, current on vaccinations and weighs about 65 pounds. Please contact the shelter at (707) 840-9132 to schedule an appointment.

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