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NEWTOWN — Everyone has tough days.

Sometimes the best thing to help is some quality time with a good canine friend.

Nor’Wester Therapy Dogs’ team of trained pups and handlers are there for those times of need.

Through partnerships with area school districts, the Richboro-based non-profit brings teams to various schools for reading sessions, and much more.

Last week, six dog-and-human pairs came to Camp Newtown to talk to the kids and teach them about therapy dog ​​programs. The students had a chance to pet the dogs and ask questions of the handlers.

The students met a variety of dogs, from a Portuguese Water Dog named Daisy who excitedly wiggled her way to get attention, to a pair of Whippet sisters, Harlow and Panther who preferred to wait patiently for the attention to come to them.

They also met a Great Pyrenees Lab mix named Tex who voiced his displeasure with the camera shutter sounds, but quickly made friends despite his initial trepidation.

A very popular pup was young Journey, a newer addition to the Nor’Wester team who showed off her tricks to impress the kids.

They also met Cadence, a 2-and-a-half-year-old puppy who sat at attention and greeted the kids with a still body, except for excitedly-rapid tail wags.

All these different dogs had one thing in common, they all reveled in the attention from every person they came in contact with. The joy the express is contagious and is one of the main reasons therapy dogs are helpful in so many different situations.

Nor’Wester co-director Deborah Glessner told The Advance that the group has gone to schools in times of distress to help students and faculty cope with trauma and stress, but also visits schools regularly to help kids with reading programs.

Reading to the dogs helps relax the students and gives them a chance to read aloud without the stress of reading to peers or in front of a class.

Nor’Wester also visits nursing homes and hospitals, to bring much-needed comfort to patients who look forward to the regular visits, many of whom once had dogs, but can’t bring them into care facilities.

The group is actively looking for more dogs and their humans to join the ranks to help bring reading and therapy programs around the region. Check them out at to sign up or to find out more about the group and their pups.

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