Organization saving the lives of Korean Dogs via worldwide adoption

For those of us whose world revolves around our animals…whose lives at many moments depend on the love we receive from something so defenseless and beautiful, some of the things that occur in other parts of the world are not only shocking, but deplorable and monstrous . To concentrate on the positive side…EK Park and the work she and her organization are doing is key here…so let’s take a look at an organization saving the lives of Korean Dogs via worldwide adoption.

The other side of this article…the portion that the angelic EK Park is trying to stop, is atrocious and for us dog lovers and animal lovers…it’s the worst possible crime.

Taking a look at a great organization. What can you do to help them with their cause? Keep reading to find out…

Over 2 million dogs meet a horrible end each year; these are atrocious numbers but even 1 would be deplorable. “…we are better than this,” EK Park has said.

The people working to save the dogs in Korea face terrible threats and even ridicule from those that still believe in the archaic methods. It’s dangerous work but yet they do it, and yes in the face of such adversity.

But despite this, Jinoak Oh, one who dedicates her life to helping the dogs as an activist and caretaker, said: “The idea of ​​giving up never crosses my mind…”

EK Park spoke about herself and has spoken about what has motivated her to work on this, saying:

“I grew up on a small farm in the South Korean countryside. In 2002 I moved to Toronto, where I lived with my four furry babies for 18 years. When I was young, there were always animals on the farm: chickens, pigs, cows, and dogs. But I never paid much attention to them. Unfortunately, they were no more than a financial means for my poor family…

But my three dogs, Samsoon, Tavish, Hamish, and the obnoxious cat, Nabi, changed my perspective. Living with these wonderful creatures has opened my eyes and heart towards the voiceless animals who feel love, joy, and pain just like us…

Over the years, I began to grow strong empathy for the pain and suffering that many animals endure at the hands of human beings. I know that deep inside my mind there is sadness and guilt for the animals on my parents’ old farm, with whom I’ve never had a chance to say sorry and thanks…

As a photographer and videographer I’d like to give a voice to the animals suffering due to human ignorance, greed and neglect. I believe that all beings are interconnected. When animals suffer, we all suffer. I’m trying to return what I’ve already received from animals, unconditional love and kindness. That’s why I started Free Korean Dogs.”

via Free Korean Dogs website (link below)

But it was one incident that truly drove her to take action…on a visit to Korea in 2015.

“(A group of men) were trying to kill the dog…I was shaking, crying. I just walked up to them and said, ‘Stop it.’ I screamed at them…”

For the record, she saved that dog that day in Korea in 2015, and that was the start of something…something profoundly important. As she has stated, this is no longer necessary, if it ever was, which I don’t believe it was…there are other forms of food today, and the fact that this is still transpiring is sickening; Thus the importance of Free Korean Dogs’ work.

So she took action after the insistence of her husband, as per a piece at the Globe & Mail, and ever since, the organization has saved the lives of many dogs through worldwide adoption.

What can you do?

You can donate. Any amount will help at the end. You can also give of your time…actually rescuing the dogs in person…adventurous, dangerous, but oh-so-worth it.

You can spread the word, as we are doing here. Please share this article and share it again; share it as many times as you can, so the organization’s work gets to as many ears and eyes as possible.

And finally you can adopt, which at the end will give you a friend for the rest of his or her life and you would have given them a great life as opposed to the one they otherwise would have had.

Please spread the word, dear readers….this is such an important cause.

To do any of the above things, visit the official Free Korean Dogs website…HERE.

“God will reward you,’ he said. ‘You must be an angel since you care for flowers.’
— Victor Hugo

Any other organizations out there you want us to know about that are doing similar work? Or perhaps you’ve already adopted and want to tell us your experiences… Let us know in the comments.

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