Owner Puts Googly Eyes on Blind Dog in Viral Video

One blind dog has been “living his best life” since being adopted, according to his owner, and has become an internet star in the process.

Blind dog Stevie, named after musical legend Stevie Wonder, was adopted in 2020 after a breeder dumped him at a shelter, claiming he would be unable to sell.

“The breeder surrendered Stevie to the shelter because he wouldn’t sell or have a ‘good quality of life’ because he is blind,” explained his owner in a TikTok video.

Now however, Stevie is living more than just a “good quality” of life, with a fellow canine sibling and over 24,000 followers on TikTok.

It’s their latest hilarious video that has taken Stevie to viraldom however, as his owner found humor in his situation.

After a request from a viewer, Stevie’s owner placed googly eyes in place of where his eyeballs once were. Now, the skin is left sewn up, making it the apparent perfect spot for an at-home alternative.

Stevie could be seen running around the home with the eyes in place and has entertained over two million with the hilarious clip, as he darts around seemingly wide-eyed.

“I feel so bad for laughing but this is funny as hell,” wrote one TikTok user.

“Why is this so funny,” asked another.

“Oh dang. I’ve never felt so guilty for laughing at a dog before,” wrote a viewer.

One user noted that it “made my day and it’s not even 8 am yet.”

Stevie however is just as much adorable as hilarious, as shown by other videos on the popular account. According to his owner, Stevie still enjoys scratches in the eye area and chooses to wink and blink still, despite not having eyeballs. When he’s at the park, he simply follows his seeing sibling around everywhere.

Blind dogs might not find themselves with the easiest lives, and often find themselves rejected by humans, but the internet is one place that has welcomed them and shown love.

The heartwarming moment a blind cocker spaniel realized she had been reunited with her owner went viral on Reddit last year. After being called over by a voice, the blind dog didn’t initially recognize the owner despite being in close proximity. After she sniffed out the situation, she finally realized who it was. She could then be seen leaping about in a circle.

A blind dog’s celebration after managing to find a ball similarly went viral on TikTok in January this year. After receiving praise from his owner for the find, the dog couldn’t help but release loud barks.

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