Letters: Mosquito plan is for the birds, in the best way; Fireworks damage our fragile environment; Male and female are the only two genders

Mahalo for supporting Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Enjoy this free story! The mosquito management plan approved by the state Board of Agriculture is not as odd as one might think (“Agriculture Board endorses plan to import millions of mosquitoes to save Hawaii’s imperiled birds,” Star-Advertiser, June 29). The fundamental approach, using male insects to disrupt the reproductive … Read more

Eating too many hot dogs can kill you

Everyone wants to know the most hot dogs you can eat, but no one dares to ask if there’s a point-of-no-return for scarfing franks. lucky, PopSci relishes weird questions, so we found out exactly how far you can push yourself when that barbecue gets a little heated. The answer unsurprisingly lies in the Nathan’s Hot … Read more

Cats Remember Each Other’s Names, Japanese Study Suggests

They may act aloof, and generally behave as if they live on a higher plane of existence than us mere humans. But cats are more present than we might sometimes think. In recent years, scientists have shown that cats actually bond deeply with humans. These complex creatures can and will communicate with us, and they … Read more

Cats can remember each other’s names, study says

KYOTO, Japan — Cats often get a bad reputation for being antisocial and fairly uninterested in everything we lowly humans have to say. However, a new study finds cats really are listening and know exactly who their owners are speaking to. Researchers in Japan say cats understand and remember the names of their feline pals … Read more

Bird’s-eye View: Celebrate the bald eagle for Independence Day | News

Tweetings, fellow birders! As it’s Independence Day, what better way to celebrate than to introduce a famous American character? Nope, I’m not talking about Uncle Sam or the Statue of Liberty. No, this week we’re featuring the bald eagle, that great symbol of our country – our soaring giant. While the bald eagle is instantly … Read more

Male dogs four times more likely to develop contagious cancer on nose or mouth than females

The disease occurs worldwide but is mostly linked to countries with free-roaming dog populations. Credit: Cameron Raw A new study has found that male dogs are four to five times more likely than female dogs to be infected with the oro-nasal form of Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumor. Researchers think this is because of behavior differences … Read more

Korean Police to wear ‘Iron Man’ suits, patrol with robot dogs by 2050

A concept image of the “Iron Man Police” that is set to be developed by the National Police Agency by 2050 (National Police Agency) South Korea’s National Police Agency has set its future vision by incorporating robotics, artificial intelligence and advanced mobility technologies in its systems and workforce, and extending its authority to emerging online … Read more

Scientists sound alarm over bird fatalities

Andrew Suggitt* says the latest outbreak of avian flu is a now global problem as it has jumped from chickens to wild birds and is spreading fast. After a series of localized outbreaks In the past few years, avian flu has re-emerged as a major driver of bird deaths across the United Kingdom. Until the … Read more