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Dozens of French bulldogs and other bulldog mix breeds from a suspected puppy mill have been transferred to Oregon Humane Society (OHS), Panda Paws Rescue and several other shelters and rescues in Northern California, Oregon, and Washington.

One of the rescued dogs arriving in Portland.

Arriving In Oregon

Oregon Humane Society crews unloaded the dogs as they arrived in Portland.

The dogs were discovered in a home in Stanislaus County, California on May 22 when a search warrant was being served during another criminal investigation. More than 150 dogs were found living in cramped crates, filled with waste, and many needed medical attention, according to a release from OHS.

The staff at Stanislaus Animal Services Agency cared for the dogs until they were legally able to be transferred. Rescue groups from around the region mobilized quickly to help move the dogs out to begin a new life.

OHS’ Second Chance vehicle hit the road early Sunday morning, June 11 and arrived back in Portland Monday night, June 13 carrying more than 30 of the dogs.

“We are so grateful to Stanislaus Animal Services Agency for their work on this case, and to all the other rescues and shelters who have stepped up to help,” says OHS Chief Operating Officer Brian August said. “These dogs will get great care at OHS and begin a new chapter in their lives as beloved pets.”

Caring Hands

An Oregon Humane Society worker gives special attention of one of the rescue dogs.


This rescued dog gives an expression as it arrives at the Oregon Human Society’s care center.

August said It may take up to several months for some of the dogs to be ready for adoption. Most of the dogs need medical care and will need time in a foster home to recover and learn how to be a pet.

The dogs are currently in foster homes and not at OHS’ shelter on NE Columbia in Portland.

A spokesperson at the Oregon Humane Society said none of the rescued dogs would be sent to the Columbia County Humane Society but anyone willing to adopt the animals should follow the OHS website for updates.

Updates on the dog’s adoption status at OHS will be posted on It is important to keep in mind that these dogs may have ongoing special needs given their history, according to the release.

OHS has a Humane Law Enforcement division that investigates reports of animal cruelty and neglect throughout the state. If you suspect and animal is being abused or suffering from neglect, call 503- 802-6707 or submit a tip online.


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