Pokemon Fan Reenacts Game With Their Cats Dressed As Pokemon Trainer and Bulbasaur

Pokemon fans are a creative bunch, often creating ways to incorporate the games into faces of their daily lives. Dressing up as Pokemon or NPC characters from the games for Halloween or cosplay is pretty common, and it’s not always humans who get costumed.

One creative fan recently shared a video in which they painstakingly recreated some of the most iconic moments of the first Pokemon games. What sets the project apart from others is the fact that it’s acted out by cats dressed as the characters and Pokemon.


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YouTuber Costume Cat shared the video online of two incredibly patient cats – Goro and Luca – who help tell the story of the original Pokemon games. Costume Cat’s video opens with their cat, Goro, taking on the role of being a Pokemon trainer starting out on their journey the first time. After leaving home, they stop by Professor Oak’s – who is also a cat – to select their first Pokemon. The cat makes its selection by batting a Pokeball off the counter, and it pops open to reveal a Bulbasaur, which is also a cat.

On its own, that would have been pretty cute, but the video carries on all the way through the Elite Four. The Pokemon Trainer cat grinds to level by repeatedly marching through the tall grass, effortlessly beats Team Rocket’s Giovanni, and even goes through the heartache of an unexpected critical hit landing a 1-hit KO and ruining an attempt to capture a new Pokemon. Although official Pokemon Pet costumes exist, the cats here are wearing hand-made designs created by their owner. The sets and backgrounds are also carefully recreated based on the original games’ graphics, with impresive attention to detail.

The audience seems to be quite charmed by the videos, and several voiced hopes that the creator would carry on and recreate some of the later Pokemon generation games, as well. Others marveled at how patient and well-behaved the Pokemon fan’s cats were, as they generally appeared comfortable and unconcerned at the fact that they’re wearing outfits. Another joked that regardless of the trainer’s experience and badges, these Pokemon would ignore them, given that they’re actually cats.

It seems like Pokemon fans will never stop finding new ways to show their appreciation for the franchise. Fanart, animations, 3D prints, and creative endeavors like these keep the Pokemon fandom engaged and excited between games. There’s no telling what fans will dream up next, but with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s rapidly releasing approaching, they’ll have some fresh inspiration to base their projects off of soon.

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