Pueblo animal officers save feral cat trapped in swamp cooler

When Pueblo Animal Law Enforcement Officer Stephanie Dominguez received a call June 19 about a dead cat stuck in the swamp cooler of a local woman’s home, she was prepared for the worst.

The caller, who’s in her 90s, said it was 100 degrees and she couldn’t use her swamp cooler because the dead animal, which she believed to be a kitten, was stuck in the blower assembly turbine of the cooler.

When Dominguez arrived, she was surprised to see the trapped feline was not a kitten, but a full-grown cat.

The cat was also very much alive.

What started as a body retrieval quickly turned into a rescue. Dominguez called for backup and received help from her fellow officers Skylar Sardello, Austin Estavillo and Steve Medina.

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A few tufts of fur are all that are visible of the feral cat stuck in the turbine of the swamp cooler blower assembly.

“I could see the cat had actually broken into the little part (of the swamp cooler) and managed to get himself stuck down at the bottom. He could not move his leg very well, it was outside the (turbine) wheel,” Dominguez explained.

“We had to remove the plastic (brace) piece and I was trying to reach into the swamp cooler to get him, but I was too short,” she recalled with a laugh.

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