‘Puppycats:’ Dog Melts Hearts as She Guards Her Trio of Adopted Kittens

A long-haired German Shepherd called Zulu, has gone viral for being a great adoptive mother, protecting her little kittens like they were her babies, melting hearts across the internet.

In a video shared on TikTok by the pets’ owner, who goes by the username thehowardpack, the dog can be seen looking after the kittens, making sure her dog sibling doesn’t get near them.

The video, which was posted in April last year has attracted a lot of online attention, and it has so far reached over 198,800 likes, 495 upvotes and 1,478 reshares.

A study carried out by a group of Italian scientists has debunked the myth that cats and dogs are enemies. Their survey, completed by 1,270 people owning at least one dog and one cat, found that only 18 percent of owners stated that their pets ignore each other.

Less than 1 percent of respondents, only nine owners, reported reciprocal aggressive interactions. Conversely, more than half of the owners said that their dogs and cats showed friendly interactions.

Most users loved the relationship between the two pets. One user, Johannabraxton2 commented: “BEST MOMMA EVER.” And Bustysinclair said: “I love how comfortable the kittens are. They know they are forever safe with her.” Macie214_ said: “This is just sweetness overload…”

Another user, Aghyful asked: “Omg, how come the dogs are so good to the cats?” Mariahsfanvideos joked: “My dog ​​would eat them.” And Murrayboo added: “My dogs could care less for cats lol.”

Desertpelican16 commented: “She looks so satisfied being in love with the kittens.” And Dabz420budz addd: “The kittens are brawing.” Lovebothmycats said: “That’s too cute.”

Another user, Renegade_bee, pointed out: “Isn’t it amazing that adoption is not just a human concept?” And Roxiemaxwell said: “Thats what my dog ​​did when my family brought home a kitten… she would not leave the cat’s side no matter what.”

Lovethejourney2 said: “Swear to God we don’t deserve dogs. Your dog is such a good mommy.” Joshj898 added: “She says my puppies may look different but I love them all the same.”

Not.__.sure joked: “The white dog is like I just want to eat one come on. Just kidding im sorry.” And Becomingwonderwoman said: “She is like getting your own kittens, these are mine!”

The video has since been shared all over social media platforms, including on Reddit, where one user, Crunchy_Ice_96 commented: “Puppycat omg.” And another user, guinnypig added: “My Puppycat is the light of my life. Puppycats rock!”

Newsweek has contacted thehowardpack for comment.

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A file photo of a kitten and a dog napping together. A dog has gone viral for being the “best momma ever” after a video of her taking care of her kittens was shared by their owner on TikTok.
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