Rescue cat so happy to have found her forever home SMILES all the time

Calico Snickers has such striking face marking that makes it look like she’s constantly grinning that she’s built up a loyal following on Instagram, where she’s dubbed ‘Snickers the Smiling Cat’

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Rescue cat’s owner shares her health transformation

A rescue cat called Calico Snickers is so delighted to have found her forever home that she smiles continuously.

She even has a smiling face on her paw.

Her bold facial markings make it seem as if she is always grinning, as she’s built up a huge following on Instagram, where she’s become affectionately known as ‘Snickers the Smiling Cat’.

Kelly DeWeese was out running in June 2020 when she found a tiny, ill and flea-ridden five-month-old kitten.

The kind-hearted gym manager took the tiny kitten gently carried her two miles to her home, where she carefully bathed her and took her to the vet for a check-up.

There, Snickers underwent a raft of tests with vet bills, medications and surgeries needed to nurse the cat back to health costing almost $7,000.

Two-year-old Snickers the cat


Kennedy News and Media)

Kelly, who said it was ‘worth every penny’ getting the tiny kitten back on all four paws, says two-year-old Snickers now constantly grins thanks to her cute facial markings – apparently with delight and gratitude at finding a new home.

But it’s not just Snickers who got a new lease of life, as the 46-year-old says her happy feline found her as she battled depression just a week after her mum Edna died of breast cancer.

Kelly, from Owensboro, Kentucky, US, said: “The way her face is structured and how her mouth goes up it looks like she’s grinning and smiling all the time.

“She’s something alright – she loves playing fetch and watching television. I think she probably knows that she was rescued and is really happy.

“She’s living her best life. If you look at what I’ve posted of her on Instagram, she gets into these weird positions as if she’s human.

“I’ve never positioned her, I’ll just snap a picture when she’s like that.

The rescue cat is so happy to have found her ‘furr-ever’ home that she constantly ‘smiles’


Kennedy News and Media)

“She loves the camera, and when it comes out she just stars at it, and loves to look at herself. She’s a real ham, for sure.”

But Snickers wasn’t always such a happy-go-lucky cat, as she had a tough start in life apparently fending for herself alone.

Kelly said: “I’d just lost my mum a week before and had picked up running. I was in such a state of depression and that’s why I started doing it, because I thought it would help me.

“I think that was only my second time out for a run, and this little tiny kitten wandered right out in front of me.

“The corn stalks were tall and it was a huge field, so I’ve no idea where she came from or how she got there.

“It must have been so scary for her out there by herself. She probably knew that it was her chance to be rescued – she came out by herself and she was very sick.

“She could barely open her eyes, she was covered in flas and you could tell she had ear mites because she kept shaking her head.

“It was about two miles from home, so I scooped her up and walked her back to the house and gave her a bath, then the next morning I took her to my local vet.”

After several trips to the vets, Snickers was sent to a specialist a two-hour drive away to get to the root of her health problems.

Kelly said: “She kept sneezing all the time and couldn’t meow – there was no sound.

Calico Snickers has such striking face markings that make it look like she’s constantly grinning


Kennedy News and Media)

“The vet tried for weeks to give her all kinds of different medication and nothing was working, she wasn’t getting any better.

“So about four weeks in they sent me to a specialist about two hours away in Louisville, Kentucky.

“They estimated she was about four or five months old, and did a CAT scan on her.

“That’s when they found that she had large polyps behind her eyes and that she needed to have two big surgeries to have them all removed.

“The surgeries were six weeks apart from one another and very expensive.

“She had the first surgery and was fine, and then she made it through the second surgery but woke up blind.

“They said it was 50/50 whether she’d get her eyesight back.”

Although it was a lot of money to spend, Kelly said she ‘refused’ to give up on her.

Kelly said: “Most people wouldn’t have spent the money I did.

“They probably would have taken her to a kill shelter and had her put down because she was so sick.

“The vet here considered putting her down, but there was no way I wasn’t going to keep her – I wouldn’t give up on her.

Snickers has such striking face markings that make it look like she’s constantly grinning that she’s built up a loyal following on Instagram


Kennedy News and Media)

“Even though she was a feral cat she was very loving – always crawling on me and licking my face.

“She was very sweet from the very beginning, so I wasn’t going to give up on her.

“I’d got some life insurance money from my mum, so I used a lot of that for Snickers.

“I felt like it was my mum leaving me money to help her, she would have wanted me to use that money to do something good.”

“It took a huge chunk of my savings but you do what you have to do for another living thing, and it’s just money.

Devoted fans of the American Short Hair have assumed that her name comes from her caramel colouring, but it was due to the circumstances when Kelly found her.

Kelly said: “A lot of people think I named her Snickers because she has the coloring of the chocolate bar.

“But at the moment I found her right by our feet was a Snickers bar wrapper that someone had littered. I just thought, ‘that’s it, that’ll be her name’.

“I love her, and if other people find joy through her story then that means a lot to me.

“It was definitely a fate that we both wandered into each other’s lives – it could’ve been anybody out that morning. It was meant to be, and I think we both saved each other that day.”

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