Rescuers Arrive After Someone Abandoned ‘Armani’ the Cat on City Steps

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Rescuers in New York City find an abandoned Armani, no, not the designer bag, but the poor cat left inside a bag.

Little Wanderers NYC shares the story of Armani, a sick cat placed in an old book bag on the steps in the Bronx and abandoned. Inside, the gray and white cat was sick, and her eye needed treatment.

Perhaps, her owners didn’t think they could afford to care for her? But then, why leave her on the steps, defenseless and alone? Perhaps they couldn’t find a no-kill shelter and struggled to find help? We don’t know, but fortunately, Armani did make her way to safety, thanks to the kind people who came to the rescue.

Images via Instagram/littlewanderersnyc

Abandoned but not for long.

In an Instagram post, Little Wanderers NYC shared the story of what happened to this poor kitty. But don’t worry, there’s a happy ending as kindness prevails for Armani.

“Meet our newest rescue. It’s a sad one but a happy one because she was abandoned but then rescued,” they wrote.

In the video below, someone left Armani defenseless inside the old bag near 161st Street. At first, the rescuers thought they might find out who this person was from her rabies tag, but it was a dead end.

“She was wearing a rabies tag that belonged to her, but the identifying data with her ‘owners’ number led to a dead-end; a disconnected number and an undeliverable email. Why do people abandon their pets? Poor Armani,” they continued.

rescuer with cat left in the Bronx on steps

Rescuer holds Armani

Friendly Armani Needed Care Right Away

After rescuing Armani, they discovered she was struggling and needed veterinary care. Despite being left in such a cruel way, the cat remained loving and friendly.

“She has a cold and looks like she may need surgical correction on her eye. Intermediate, she is an incredibly friendly, affectionate cat despite being left outside on the stairs with a bad cold for who knows how long?”

Thanks to two kind ladies, Armani made it that day.

Thank you to Lyvette for stepping up and rescuing her and for contacting Little Wanderers. And thank you Allison for fostering,” the rescue stated. “Choosing kindness is the only way forward.”

In the video below, you can see Armani in her foster home. It looks like she is doing better and found a secure little nook where she feels safe.

pretty kitty after rescue

See video below by Little Wanderers NYC:

Previously, we shared the story of another kitten saved in part by Little Wanderers NYC. After receiving a message about a badly-wounded kitten named Angie seen in NYC, rescuers worked tirelessly to save her with generous help from our wonderful Cole and Marmalade followers.

To find out more, you can follow Little Wanderers NYC on Facebook and Instagram.

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