Robot Dogs named Spot and Roscoe Patrol Boston

We always joke that robots will one day rule the world, but for now, it’s all about safety in dangerous situations, assisting with potential high-risk scenarios, and let’s be honest, there’s an intrigue, too.

Meet Spot and Roscoe, two robot dogs that local and state police departments as well as government agencies can lease out at a moment notice or for long stretches at a time if they want. Although I doubt we can tell them apart, these two are out and about patrolling Boston and the Commonwealth when necessary.

According to IOT World Today, Spot and Roscoe were at it again helping out the Massachusetts State Police as well as Homeland Security, FBI, and the Boston Police Department for the massive 500,000 people converging for the 4th of July celebration along Boston’s Esplanade and Charles River .

I think this living, breathing Labrador Retriever has a new friend.

The robotic dogs are used to monitor and identify potentially hazardous items such as bombs, and provide live video footage of suspicious situations and activity.

These dogs from Boston Dynamics can slip in and out of various buildings and terrain, crawl, climb, and monitor high risk incidents before sending in humans to potentially deadly scenarios.

Spot and Roscoe were out roaming and “sniffing” if you will, always recording and snapping pictures, sending videos and photos to the various departments. These robotic dogs, which most definitely have a life-like aspect to their movements as you’ll see in the videos below, are constantly looking for suspicious packages and other potentially dangerous situations according to WBZ, in this case, large crowd situations.

The videos I posted below are so cool to watch albeit a bit freaky, but honestly I’m warming up to these crime-fighting robotic dogs and even finding them kind-of cute now.

This isn’t the first time that Spot, Roscoe, or others have super-served cities around the country. According to Scientific American, the New York City Police Department leased a robotic dog from Boston Dynamics and used it for a hostage situation among other incidents. Backlash about privacy issues, cost, and even creepiness halted the leasing for now.

Over all though, Spot and his friends are extremely resourceful even if they’re only used for certain situations versus on a daily bases according to Boston Dynamics.

Spot has been particularly resourceful in tackling dull, dirty and dangerous tasks. Public safety initiatives, including police departments, often face dangerous work, such as inspecting a bomb, rummaging through remnants of an explosion or fire, or even deescalating a potentially dangerous situation.

Here’s that video I promised you from Boston’s 4th of July weekend.

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