Sleeping Dog Unfazed by Robot Vacuum Leaves Internet in Stitches

An Australian shepherd dog has gone viral online for his reaction to a Roomba vacuum, the internet in stitches and leaving other dog owners wondering how he could be so calm.

In a video shared on TikTok by Moose_the_miniaussie, the original fanpage for the dog with over 160,000 followers, the dog, Moose, can be seen laying still on the floor while his owner’s Roomba vacuum cleans the area around his body thoroughly.

First shared in October 2021, the video has attracted a lot of attention online, gaining over 4.2 million views, almost 275,000 likes and about 35,000 reshares. The video has since been reposted on Reddit, where it has amassed more than 49,000 upvotes after being shared on Monday.

According to a 2018 survey by YouGov asking people what their dogs are most scared of, 28 percent of respondents said that their dogs were mostly afraid of vacuum cleaners. While what scares dogs the most is fireworks, with 40 percent of dog owners relating.

Since the video’s original upload, Moose’s owner has recorded numerous other videos of the dog enjoying a Roomba massage. He also enjoys pizza and classical music, and he has tons of toys.

Commenting on the video, most users, particularly fellow Australian shepherd dog owners, wondered how the owner managed to keep the dog calm with a Roomba in sight. One user, Lindee Knowles611, said: “Is your Aussie [broken]? Mine would be eating that thing.” And another shared: “Lol, my dog ​​would jump up, startled, and stare at this thing all freaked out. She would probably bark at it too.”

While other users wished they could take example from the dog. Kjhappy14 said: “I wish to be this level of unbothered.” And Puppy and Bunny added: “Unbothered. Moisturized. Happy. In his lane. Flourishing.”

Constance Eliza suggested: “This should be an ad for Roomba. That thing is impressive. Gentle with the dog and makes a perfect outline.” While another user, Rob Meyer, joked: “Why [does] Your Roomba move efficiencies and mine acts like it gets paid hourly?” Gracepalardy added: “Getting the fur right from the source.”

Another user, jjmh.australia pointed out: “It’s always what the dog [doing] and never how the dog [doing]And Marleny C. commented: “He’s my spirit animal.”

BARK joked: “Roomba just wants to pet the dog.” Stacia Crye-Shahan said: “Roomba notified me it was stuck on a cliff. Said cliff was my basset. She refused to move for it.” And Nanideer added: “I can imagine the shape of your dog on the new Roomba map.”

Other users like ashers0828, shared their similar experiences with their dogs: “Hilarious! My dogs won’t move for the vacuum either. I love it though, they know they are always safe at home.”

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A stock image shows a dog laying near a vacuum cleaner. A dog went viral for its reaction to close contact with a vacuum cleaner, leaving the internet in stitches.
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