st. Johns County looks community for help after dog attack

Clayton Brock and his wife, Francis, recently lost Winnie, their 300-pound breeding pig, to a dog attack at Flagler Estates earlier this month.

Brock said dogs jumped the fence at his home and attacked Winnie so badly she had to be euthanized. Dogs also killed chickens and ducks on the property.

“I noticed feathers everywhere, bones and parts of chickens everywhere, and the ducks were completely gone and obliterated,” he said. And then I went over to feed the animals, and I noticed my one pig wasn’t moving. So I walked over to the pig, and that’s when I noticed her whole ear was gone, and I was like, ‘What are we going to do?”‘

The Brooks and others say dogs wandering loose in the community is a widespread issue that has led to attacks or aggressive behavior against people and animals. The attack prompted a community meeting this month, where people sought answers on what could be done and how to protect themselves.

Two dogs who attacked Clayton and Francis Brock's pig stand at the couple's fence in Flagler Estates.  The dogs have been euthanized.

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Two of the dogs have been euthanized because of the killing and because no owner came forward, according to county spokeswoman Lorena Inclan. The dogs had collars, according to an animal control report.

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