Stray Publisher Responds to Horrifying Cats Crossover Promo

Annapurna Interactive has shared a hilarious response to a tweet combining its new feline-fronted game, Stray, with the 2019 movie Cats.

The developer of the recently released cat simulator Stray has shared its hilarious response to a reviewer’s promotional crossover banner with the film Cats.

On Twitter, IGN shared an image that saw the Stray logo stamped on a screenshot from the widely-panned 2019 movie Cats. Annapurna Interactive, the developer of Stray, responded with a screenshot of it supposedly reporting the post, indicating that the image offended “everyone on Twitter.” The witty retort has gathered thousands of likes and retweets.

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IGN posted the image to promote Stray‘s launch yesterday after weeks of fevered anticipation, with the title becoming the most wish-listed on Steam at the beginning of July. Stray Sees players given control of an abandoned cat in a futuristic city populated with robots, with many fans going positively wild over the in-game cat interactions and the fact that there is a dedicated meow button.

CBR’s Noelle Corbett reviewed the game and had many positive things to say about it. She described Stray as “a simple and charming adventure that doesn’t overstay its welcome” and complimented “how Stray uses basic cat behaviors, even mundane ones, to unveil more of the game’s world and story. Things like meowing (for which there is a dedicated button), scratching surfaces, and jumping into boxes may not always lead to anything, but the fact that they’re sometimes essential encouraging players to interact with absolutely everything.”

Noelle also highlighted an unexpected inspiration for the game: Resident Evil. “While the game never reaches survival-horror levels of dark and tense, there are certainly moments that’ll get the blood pumping,” she wrote. “Things like using B-12’s flashlight function to illuminate a dark room and figuring out how to unlock a safe by paying attention to environmental clues feel pulled from a Resident Evil game in the best way, encouraging players to explore everything available and making the world feel lived-in.”

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However, in the realm of less well-received cat entertainment products sits the film Cats, which has become quite the butt of the joke since its release three years ago. It was extensively criticized for its bizarre CGI, some of which wandered into the uncanny valley of weird. The half-human, half-cat hybrid characters struck a chord with viewers, with many finding them uncomfortable to watch. The film starred Taylor Swift, Judi Dench, Idris Elba and James Corden, among others, though even its star-studded cast couldn’t distract from the glaring special effect issues.

Stray is available now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam.

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