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TODAY’S WORD is listless. Example: Sherry’s 10-year-old dog was acting listless, so she decided that if he didn’t improve by the next day they would take a trip to the vet.

FRIDAY’S WORD was poor. It means an unrefined, ill-mannered person. Example: Jesse decided that her new acquaintance was a total boor when she threw her garbage on the ground, pushed past people in lines and began criticizing stranger’s outfits where they could hear her.

More on the dogs

On Wednesday Stroller Junior announced, “our dog has lived a very long life on dog beds and deserves better.” When Mama said no dog on the furniture, Junior challenged her to put the question to Stroller readers. The answers continue to come pouring in:

Gael Marshall Chaney pointed out that “There are some very cushy dog ​​beds.”

Karen Jackson keeps two couch covers on the sofa at all times “just in case.”

People are also reading…

Tim Collins pointed out that the five kids “dirty things up way more than the dogs do.”

Teresa George’s pit sits where she wants to, and also “gets baths a lot.”

Patricia Roop keeps blankets on the sofas for the hairy 85-pound dog and washes them often.

Jessica Brooks Minter’s chocolate lab and German shepherd shed a lot, but “we have vacuums for a reason,” and the dogs are allowed on furniture.

Pam Randall covers the dog’s ottoman with a quilt she made and washes often.

Joanie Petty said her dogs have their own separate pallets and beds on the floor near the people’s furniture.

“We let our Yorkie, Cash, sleep in the bed with us,” said Linda Wilson. My husband gets into bed lifts up the covers and says, “Come on, darling.” At first I thought he was talking to me. Lol.”

Samantha Mahoney’s dogs “rule the house” and even have their own car seats — and she has “lint rollers everywhere” to deal with it.

“Our Nyla sleeps right in the middle of our bed on her pillow,” said Mike Amos. “It’s like it’s her house and she lets us live there.”

Sandra Chappell said her Derby is “too rough—precious but destructive” to be trusted with the furniture.

Dr. Angeline Godwin, who retired last year as president of Patrick & Henry Community College, said she is an “‘all dogs are indoor dogs’ person” but “I draw the line at the kitchen table. No go.”

You might recognize Suellyn Danter’s late dog Stik, who “was the mascot of Hugo’s patio and Uptown for most of his 17 years.” He and his brother, Dugg, “have free rein of couch and bed” as well as their own dog furniture.

Kristin Hancock is another rare holdout who does not allow dogs on the furniture, “but they have cozy beds in almost every room of the house.”

FRIDAY’S TRIVIA ANSWER: There are seven different kinds of Guinness brand beers in the United States.

TODAY’S TRIVIA QUESTION: What alcohol percentage is the strongest beer in the world?


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