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TODAY’S WORD is poor. Example: Jesse decided that her new acquaintance was a total boor when she threw her garbage on the ground, pushed past people in lines and began criticizing stranger’s outfits where they could hear her.

THURSDAY’S WORD was banal. It means so lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring. Example: Kiera was sitting on a date and zoning out because the topic of conversation was so banal; needless to say, she will not be looking for a second date with the same person.

MHS reunions

The title is plural, but really it’s one reunion, in the singular — for the Martinsville High School Classes of 1975, 1976 and 1977.

The “multi-reunion,” as organizers are calling it, will be held from 5:30-11:30 pm Saturday, Sept. 24, at the TAD Space, 20 Church St. The cost to attend is $50 per person. For more information and to update your contact information, contact:

  • Class of 1977: Pam (Mann) Wren at or “Class of 1977 Martinsville High School” (private group) on Facebook
  • Class of 1976: Amy (Lane) Williams at or “MAVAHI ’76” (private group) on Facebook
  • Class of 1975: Olga Hairston @ or Melody Cartwright at or Martinsville VA High School Class of 1975 (private group) on Facebook

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More on pets

Conversation on whether or not dogs should be allowed on furniture continues:

“Sorry, but no!” wrote Catherine Wingfield on the Bulletin’s Facebook question on the topic. “I do not like hair and germs on my furniture or in my bed!”

Kermit L. Kanode, on the other hand, pointed out: “It’s called FURniture…”

Missy Cook’s four dogs are allowed anywhere the humans are.

Sharon Meador and Kayla Lacy sent in pictures of their dogs all stretched out on couches.

“My dog ​​IS my family now,” wrote Roger Martin. “She sits where she pleases … Her only drawback is she’s not much on helping with the housework. Since I’m not either, the house gets very little attention.”

Libby Green, who allows the practice, vacuums her furniture weekly and washes the dog’s blankets.

Shannon Newman, Debbie Browning, Jill Boyle, Shirley Fulcher and Tina Bowman said the dogs are part of the family so get the same privileges.

Victoria Lee Hall, Norma Gamez and Monica Spraker Wilkins said their dogs sleep with family.

“They are my companions and I’m just too old to sit on the floor and be comfortable,” wrote Pat Owens.

“It depends,” said Charlene Bowling, who contrasted a large shedding dog to a little Chihuahua.

Linda Gammons Prevento and Shannon Lovell Keith wrote a simple “yes,” while JeRon Hairston and Cherron Lampkins sent clear “no” messages.

THURSDAY’S TRIVIA ANSWER: It is illegal to give an elephant a beer in Natchez, Missouri.

TODAY’S TRIVIA QUESTION: How many versions of Guinness are there?


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