The Elephant Project Introduces “Baby Chaba” Stuffed Animal as the First of SaveUs™ Collection to be Named After Its Real-World Counterpart | News

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dec 1, 2022– The Elephant Project, a female-founded philanthropic toy company that has helped save hundreds of elephants worldwide by donating 100% of its net proceeds to global elephant rescue efforts, is proud to announce the release of its newest addition to the Save Us ™ stuffed animal collection: “Baby Chaba.” As … Read more

Eastern Coyote: The Furry Face Behind The Haunting Howl | Falmouth News

Without a doubt, coyotes live among us. They wake us with their nighttime howls. They dart in and out of the shadows of our neighborhoods. They are the subject of Facebook posts that amass dozens of likes, shares, and comments. In hopes of understanding these animals better and learning how to best live with them, … Read more

Hundreds of elephants and zebras die as Kenya weathers drought

Elephant keeper Kiapi Lakupanai plays with two calves at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy, Samburu, Kenya on October 12, 2022. The sanctuary has been overwhelmed with rescue operations and the influx of orphaned and abandoned calves due to the current drought. LUIS TATO/AFP via Getty Images Hundreds of animals, including elephants and endangered … Read more

How Bringing Back Lost Species Revives Ecosystems

Scientists often study the grim impacts of losing wildlife to hunting, habitat destruction and climate change. But what happens when endangered animals are brought back from the brink? Research has shown restoring so-called “keystone” species — those with an outsized impact on their environment — is vital for the health of ecosystems, and can come … Read more

The West is slowly rebuilding its rare earths supply chain

Bit by bit, Western companies and governments are reassembling their rare earths supply chain, trying to reverse decades of the hollowing out, outsourcing, and offshoring of the critical industry to China. No one said this would be easy. This month brought a promising development: new investment in a Norwegian rare earths processing firm. It’s a … Read more

Blood, guts and suspiciously mangled fins: inside a porpoise autopsy

The corpse lies on the stainless steel table. Next to it, a tray of sharp blades, pliers, and what look like garden implements. The body—dark-skinned above, but pale underneath—was found on the beach at Barmston, Yorkshire, in March, with its dorsal fin mysteriously missing. It’s a harbor porpoise—and I’m here for its autopsy. For about … Read more

Long journeys and deep dives no bother for adventurous gray seals

Seals are intelligent animals. Their whiskered faces and big dark curious eyes are so endearing. Irish folklore is rich in tales of seals who are humans, and humans who are seals. The Selkie were seal women who could take off their sealskin and be human, then put their sealskin back on and dive away into … Read more

Sutton St James zero carbon home refused a second time by South Holland district councillors

Plans to build an ‘experimental’ zero carbon home in a rural location have been refused for a second time by unconvinced councillors. Michael Peace had resubmitted an application to build the ‘high quality, contemporary’ home at Draw Dyke in Sutton St James. However, just over a year after the senior electrical engineer’s first attempt at … Read more

Toronto to deploy additional staff for cadaver pick-up requests amid raccoon distemper outbreak – Toronto

The City of Toronto says it is taking “additional steps” to address issues regarding the pick-up of wildlife cadavers across the city. The city said it is taking “immediate action to address the number of service requests related to raccoon distemper and wildlife cadaver pick-up across Toronto.” According to the city, there has been a … Read more

Our most common wild animal? Here’s what the camera traps tell us

Researchers installed ‘camera traps’ at various locations in Wicklow to see what kind of wildlife would pass by. The cameras were hidden at 20 sites among trees as part of a simultaneous survey across Europe, #SnapshotEurope, which was launched in 2021. Ph.D student, Adam F Smith, was keen to put Ireland on the international camera … Read more