Why The Cat In Stray Is Orange (And How You Can Change It)

Screenshot: Annapurna / NorskPL / Nexus Mods / Kotaku Stray strays from modern conventions in one notable way: It doesn’t allow you to customize your character—at all. But three days into the game’s release cycle, modders are already doing their damndest to set things straight. Developed by BlueTwelve and out this week for PlayStation and … Read more

Call Of Duty’s Cute Samoyed Dog Is ‘Plagiarized,’ Artist Claims

If found, please tell him he’s a very good boyScreenshot: Activision / CODSploitz / Kotaku If you’ve been following along with Call Of Duty Lately, you’re no stranger to seeing skins that remind of something you’ve seen before, be it John McClain from Die Hard or Ghostface from Scream. A recent, very adorable, very fluffy … Read more

Someone Beat Cat Game Stray Without Taking Damage

Screenshot: Annapurna Stray has completely taken over the internet, with seemingly everyone on my timeline currently playing the futuristic feline adventure. But one YouTuber has taken what is, to most folks at least, a fairly chill cat game and made it much harder by figuring out a way to beat the entire game without taking … Read more

Real Cats Also Love Stray, The Cyberpunk Cat Game

Photo: Kotaku You probably already know that humans like Stray, informally known as “the cat game,” very much. The more pressing matter is this: How do cats feel about it? Though it’s only been out for a matter of hours, purrliminary evidence so far suggests they’re quite taken with it. Stray, published by Annapurna Interactive … Read more

Annapurna’s Stray Totally Understands What It Means To Be A Cat

Image: Annapurna / Kotaku If there’s a cat in your house, how does it typically walk around? With its tail pointed straight up, probably—y’know, like any normal cat. But the feline protagonist of Stray is a bit more modest: He primarily keeps his tail down, at least based on gameplay footage viewed during a hands-off … Read more