The Best Birds From Video Games

Throughout gaming history, there has been no shortage of helpful birds, owls, geese, and unusual avian hybrids that serve to assist players while also benefiting a story. Though it is more common to see canine and feline sidekicks, birds are arguably the most valuable companions the main protagonist can have.

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This is because birds can fly, enhancing their usefulness in solving puzzles, transporting the player to distant locations, and fetching unreachable items. Oftentimes, a bird’s inclusion in a game can be gimmicky, but that doesn’t take away from the charm of these feathered creatures.

10 Kazooie (Banjo-Kazooie)

Kazooie is one of the main characters seen throughout the Banjo-Kazooie series. As part of the Breegull species, Kazooie is primarily orange in color with physical features similar to those of a chicken.

Banjo is often argued to be the game’s main protagonist, but Kazooie’s impact on the story of Banjo-Kazooie would imply that she too shares a lot of the spotlight. She can mostly be seen insulting different characters throughout each game she appears in, and, though she is commonly referred to as irritating, her ability to carry Banjo to unreachable heights is the only reason the story progresses.

9 Hedwig (Harry Potter)

Hedwig is a great asset to Harry Potter in all of the mediums in which she has been depicted. While exploring the Wizarding World, Harry will often come across obstacles that restrict him from progressing. When Hedwig is called, she makes short work of these barriers, allowing the player to quickly bypass any blockades.

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To summon Hedwig in the games, the player must locate an Owl Treat, the only means of enticing the owl to assist her owner. Upon eating the treat, Hedwig will assist Harry by either lowering a ladder or fetching an item. Without Hedwig, Harry would remain trapped in the more frightening areas of Hogwarts.

8 Red (Angry Birds)

Red is a circular-shaped bird that the player can catapult at enemy structures to take them down. As the main character of the Angry Birds series, Red’s primary goal is to project himself straight toward the Bad Piggies, the main antagonists of the long-running mobile series.

Red’s ability to destroy a structure on impact is beyond impressive. His drive to put the tyranny of the Bad Piggies to a halt is unrivaled by his companions, earning him the title of the most determined bird in the Angry Birds series. A companion willing to toss themselves, usually head first, into danger is a respectable one.

7 Faby (Flappy Bird)

The Flappy Bird game took the world by storm in 2014 when it gained massive popularity among mobile gamers. It was a simple, yet charming game that required the player to tap their screen to keep Faby afloat, all while avoiding the Super Mario-esque poles in his way.

Faby’s simplistic design has permitted him to become one of the most recognizable birds in video game history. As a 2D yellow circle with eyes and wings, this bird’s appearance is easy to remember, making it one of the more charming bird depictions in video games.

6 Trico (The Last Guardian)

Upon first glance, Trico may appear to be more canine than bird in appearance, but this isn’t actually the case. His talons, beak, feathers, and wings prove that his resemblance to a bird vastly outweighs these superficial similarities to a dog.

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In The Last Guardian, the player must form a bond with Trico in order to gain his trust. Once a connection has been formed, Trico will carry his human companion throughout the valley in which they are trapped. To keep Trico happy, the player must regularly feed and pet the beast, rendering this once intimidating griffin nothing more than a household pet. Trico is one of the most lovable birds in gaming despite his unpredictability.

5 Medli (The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker)

Medli is a Rito, a species most known for its mix of human and birdlike features. Though she appears to be mostly human, her large beak and wings disprove this assumption. During The Legend of Zelda: The Wind WakerMedli journeys with Link on his quest to the Dragon Roost Cavern.

As the narrative progresses, Medli’s abilities are required on numerous other occasions. Her bird-like capabilities offer Link the ability to fly while they attempt to navigate their way through the Earth Temple. Without her, Link would not have gained the power he needed to defeat Ganondorf.

4 Chocobo (Final Fantasy)

One of the most heavily utilized creatures seen throughout the Final Fantasy franchise is the Chocobo, a large bird-like creature with distinctive yellow feathers. These animals may seem like nothing more than lovable pets, but they can also benefit the player as they explore the world.

Chocobos are most commonly used in place of horses, allowing the player to ride them to otherwise unreachable locations. Though they are a great means of transportation, they can also aid a player in combat situations with their unique abilities. Chocobos have often appeared as summons, but using these feathery friends to travel from one place to another remains of the most enjoyable aspects of Final Fantasy.

3 Donald Duck (Kingdom Hearts)

Fans of the Kingdom Hearts Series have mixed feelings about Donald Duck’s abilities, but he is arguably the most powerful party member Sora has ever had. Donald is the only companion Sora has who can use the Cure ability, a spell that heals the protagonist when their health becomes low.

Donald’s ability to heal is usually the main reason that the player will keep him in their party, but it often overshadows the offensive magic he can wield. With the ability to cast Zettaflare, Donald Duck is one of the most powerful characters in video game history and a real credit to his species.

2 Brewster (Animal Crossing)

Brewster is one of the most iconic baristas in video game history. First appearing in Animal Crossing: City FolkBrewster will eventually inform the player about his love of coffee and the history of coffee-making.

Brewster has now made multiple appearances throughout the Animal Crossing series and can most commonly be found tending his café, which is known as The Roost. If the player chooses to visit his restaurant they can purchase coffee from him. The more coffees ordered, the more Brewster opens up to the player, offering them special blends and revealing more to them about his life.

1 Goose (Untitled Goose Game)

The deceptively innocent-looking goose in Untitled Goose Game is one of the most chaotic creatures seen in video games. Though its size and stature do a great job of hiding its inability to cause trouble, the story of this goose sees it causing a great deal of bother to everyone it crosses paths with.

The goose’s sole purpose in Untitled Goose Game is to hassle the inhabitants of a small village in England. Though its methods aren’t exactly evil, its determination certainly is. By honking, flapping its wings, and stealing anything that isn’t nailed down, this unpredictable goose is one of the most hilarious birds in gaming.

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