The Elder Scrolls Online Fans Are Ecstatic About Petting a Cat

There’s some great news for fans of The Elder Scrolls Online — it is now possible to pet the cats. The recent High Isle expansion has already given players a ton of new features to enjoy and even new companions to befriend, but many players’ favorite new addition has by far been the ability to pet a cat.

Cute animals have always been a popular feature across many various video game genres and franchises. Stray, the upcoming video game that allows players to play as a cute cat, has already created major hype, after all. It’s no surprise then that some are wanting to get to petting the cats as fast as they can. For now, gamers can get their feline fix by playing The Elder Scrolls Online. Here’s a quick rundown of all a player needs to know to get down to cat-petting business.

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Currently, there is only one specific cat that has been confirmed to have a petting animation. This cat appears in an area called Gonfalon Bay, one of many new locations on the High Isle itself. Once arriving in Gonfalon Bay, feline-seeking players should look for the crafting hall there, and the cat should be right out in front of that building. As shown in the embedded video above, players can simply click the “Snuggle” prompt when approaching the cat, and the player will adorably pick up the cat and give it a few scratches before the cat jumps back down.

Once it was revealed, the cat quickly became a popular talking point on the internet, with droves of The Elder Scrolls Online players rushing to Gonfalon Bay to find and pet the cat. It quickly became a common sight to see a bit of a crowd gathered around this one cat. Some people have even started playing The Elder Scrolls Online for the very first time because petting this cat was such a strong selling point for them.

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Pet companions have been a constant staple of The Elder Scrolls Online Ever since the base game was first released in 2014. Many fans have long asked for the ability to pet their companions, though this would be challenging to do as some pet companions include constructs, crabs, and mammoths. However, as it seems that only one lone cat has the option to be petted at this time, combined with the fact that it wasn’t widely publicized until weeks after the launch of High Islesome fans are beginning to speculate that this cat may be an in-game test for a possible future update that more widely extends the animal petting ability.

On the other hand, Bethesda has a lot on its plate at the moment, given that director Todd Howard has confirmed the studios are hard at work on The Elder Scrolls VI and Fallout 5so it may be just as possible that The Elder Scrolls Online will begin seeing fewer updates. Either way, no matter what happens next in the future of The Elder Scrolls Onlineright now is a good time for cat lovers.

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