This Trusted Portable Dog Playpen Is $75 Off at Amazon

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I travel with four animals (two dogs and two cats) often, so it’s essential to have the proper equipment to keep them safe and happy while on the go. Stake-out leashes are more of a hassle than they’re worth for my large, energetic pups, which is why I’m grateful portable fences exist.

The FXW Dog Playpen is an Amazon best-seller, and I tested one courtesy of the brand to see if it’s truly worth the money. Spoiler: It totally is.

I received the 32-panel set that provides plenty of room to play for my 55- and 60-pound rescues along with my best friend’s 90-pound black lab. The best part? This trustworthy portable fence is currently $75 off.

Buy It! FXW Dog Playpen 32 Panels, $473.99 with coupon ($548.99);

This set includes 30 panels, two doors, storage straps, and 34 stakes (add the stake bag to your cart separately to keep them organized). It took my friend and me roughly 30 minutes to set up, and only 20 minutes to put away. We typically set it up in a 7 by 9-panel rectangle that’s way bigger in person than what the product image shows, and proved to be the perfect size for the dogs to burn off energy and go to the bathroom. I recommend having a hammer on hand to help secure the stakes in the ground because it was a little tough to do by hand.

The gates have secure latches on the outside so the dogs don’t have access to them, something I personally think is a major bonus, and they’re easy to open and shut down if I’m in a hurry. Another pleasant surprise is the 4-foot panels and stakes stay in place even when the dogs get excited and jump on them. I haven’t had any trouble with my dogs escaping, but dogs who are flight risks might be able to jump over the panels depending on their size.

Not only am I a huge fan of this portable fence, but it’s also backed by more than 1,700 five-star ratings. One reviewer said it provided them with “much-needed relief” from having to take their puppy outside on a leash. Another shopper claimed it’s their “best purchase of 2022” for their Great Danes while they all live in an RV since the fence can easily be moved.

Normally I’d be hesitant to purchase a portable fence at this price, but it’s proven to be well worth its price tag, and several reviews highlight how great the brand’s customer service is to work with if there’s ever an issue. Whether you’re using it to corral your pets at home or to let them run around while traveling, the FXW Dog Playpen should be your first choice.


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