Tips And Tricks For Beginners In Cats & Soup

Move over Neko Atsume, Cats & Soup is here to steal the cat-themed idle game spotlight. In this adorable mobile game, you slowly amass a small army of cats to cook soup out in the woods. Who are the cats selling all this soup to? It turns out that’s not nearly as important, as the true purpose of the game is to collect kitties and passively accrue billions of coins.

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Cats & Soup does a great job of making its progress fairly straightforward. However, when you are just starting out, you will have plenty of questions. If you are not sure where to begin, here are some things to keep in mind while playing this game.


10 Level Up Your Stations often

We are not the biggest fans of the phrase “you have to spend money to make money,” but it has a pretty literal meaning when it comes to Cats & Soup. If you wait around forever, putting off spending your gold coins on upgrades or new recipes, you will end up wasting much more time.

Upgrading your stations and recipes increases the sale price of your dishes, thereby speeding up the process of saving coins. When in doubt, the game provides a button in the bottom left corner that shows a recommended station to upgrade.

9 Don’t Forget Your Rest Stations

Do you know how hard it is to chop a carrot easily half your size? Even a kitty has got to relax sometimes. While it might be tempting to pour all your resources into upgrading your cooking stations and soup pot, do not neglect to upgrade your rest stations.

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When cats use the rest stations, they generate energy, a type of currency that is spent on upgrading and buying new recipes. Energy is much harder to accrue than gold, so upgrade your rest stations often.

8 Save Up For More Cats

Find a good balance between upgrading your current stations while also saving up for new cooking facilities. Crafting a new facility like chopping carrots or blending juice will unlock a brand-new kitty friend for your forest.

Newer cooking stations also unlock recipes for higher-selling dishes like cabbage soup or even juice. The sooner you acquire new recipes and the cats to make them, the more coins you will start to rake in.

7 Unlock The Bulletin Board

The bulletin board is another facility that is well worth investing in early in the game. Once unlocked, the game will automatically start giving you “special order missions” to complete. These are essentially just mini-goals such as “Sell 3 Carrot Soup.” Once the goal is met, you will get a little extra coin for your trouble.

The great thing about special orders though is that once unlocked, you do not have to do any extra work! You will be awarded bonus coins whenever the cats happen to fulfill the mission’s parameters.

6 Change The Background Music

Cats & Soup has some exceptionally well-made music for you to listen to while you idly watch your cats chop, shred, and stir. However, like any idle game, this music is on a loopand it can grow repetitive after a while.

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You will start to unlock some extra tracks as you progress through the game, and you can redeem these songs from the “BGM” selection found in the menu in the bottom right corner, or by tapping the radio icon in your Shade Tree station. Additionally, songs can be bought with furniture coins.

5 Redeem Daily Bonus Gifts

There are quite a few buttons and menus to contend with in Cats & Soup, but do not forget about your first daily gifts! This is a daily log-in bonus that you can redeem once a day every week. You will automatically receive one bonus item for free. You can find the 7 Days of Gift calendar icon in the top right corner.

If you see something you really want, you can also unlock the extra daily bonus items by spending some real-life money. Participating in these in-app purchases has no great effect on the gameplay itself, however, while 7 Days of Gifts events roll around often, you will not get an opportunity to get the same items again.

4 Check Off Your Achievements

While you can buy more gems in the shop to purchase things like cosmetics and special facilities, you will also slowly start to earn gems by simply progressing. Check-in frequently to your Quests menu in the top right to redeem bonus gifts.

Checking off Daily Missions will reward a variety of bonuses, including gold or even ad tickets. On the other hand, Achievements will always reward gems. If you want to save up some gems, scroll through the Achievements list and see what you can tick off.

3 Unlock The Fishing Pond

One of the more important facilities to save up for is the Fishing Pond. This is unlocked once you craft your corn-husking cooking station. You can catch fish in this pond that can be fed to any of your cats.

Every time you feed a cat, it will gain a heart. With every heart, your cat gains an additional buff, making fishing a crucial mechanic to Cats & Soup. However, you only have so many pieces of bait you can use before you have to wait for them to recharge, so be patient.

2 Dress Up Your Cats

What would a cat idle game be if you couldn’t dress up your kitties? The best part is that giving your cats outfits is more than just cosmetics. Different clothing items have passive bonus effects that can affect your cat’s cooking performance and other stats.

So while you might think your Siamese would look the cutest with a little straw hat, you might want to reconsider giving it to your carrot-chopping kitty instead to maximize the hat’s effects.

1 Watch Frog Prince’s Ads

No one likes watching ads. Luckily the advertisements in Cats & Soup are not too pervasive, but at the end of the day, it is still a mobile idle game. There are a few game mechanics that reward you for watching ads, like the Jar Fairy, but the Frog Prince might be the most tempting of them all.

The Frog Prince only appears when it is raining in-game and brings a gift of Energy tokens. It is completely up to you whether you sell your soul to the capitalistic machine, but in this case, doing so will help you save up Energy for new recipes and upgrades faster


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