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La Crosse, Wis.(WXOW) – The city of La Crosse is allowing the Trap Neuter Release or TNR process to help community members get a handle on the ever-growing population of free roaming feral cats.

Coulee Region Meow Mission is a non profit that practices TNR in rural areas. They say that spaying and neutering cats is critical since at just four months of age, a female cat can get pregnant.

Margie Webster is one of the women who founded CRMM. She and some friends were brainstorming ideas one day, on which animal causes could use their attention. Due to the number of offspring one unpaid female can produce, they decided to focus on cats.

“People hear about us by word of mouth and they will say I can take care of 10 cats but I can’t take care of 10 cats who are going to have kittens. And so then we work with our team and the vet and figure out a time when we can have a surgery day. day,” said Margie.

Amy Wrobel is another member of the group that believes people have good intentions when they start feeding an outdoor cat.

“They’re so kind hearted. They’re trying to do the best they can. They just get so overwhelmed and before you know it, it’s a problem. It’s a great. It’s a great feeling knowing there a thousand less cats in the world because this one cat was caught,” said Amy.

Linda Viska assists Dr. Jan Doille give the cats a few other treatments once they’ve been neutered.

“We clean their ears and trim their front nails if they’re outdoor cats. They get rabies, distemper and penicillin. It’s just precautionary because most of these farm cats will never get that done in their life,” said Linda.

Feral cats that are fixed get the tip of their ear snipped so they aren’t trapped again.

“People in the community love their outdoor cats. They’re very passionate about them. And they really want to help them. They just don’t want to take care of 20, 30 as the number keeps growing,” said Margie.

Dr. Jan Doelle is the Vet helping Coulee Region Meow Mission spay and neuter cats in rural areas near La Crosse. She typically works with horses but says there is such a need that she has probably operated on 10 to 12 thousand cats.

“There was such a need and I was also seeing a lot of my own horse clients getting dumped upon. We went out to the barn and this mom showed up and three days later she had a litter of kittens. Sometimes it’s only 10 in a group. And sometimes it’s 50 in a group. One time it was 71 in one day so it was a lot of cats but when you’re trapping and you keep catching you keep fixing because that’s what it’s all about,” said Dr. Jan.

Danielle Bays is with the Humane Society of the United States. She says TNR is kind. It gives outdoor cats a better life. Also, kittens born outside do not have a very good survival rate.

“A lot of the reasons that people complain about cats outdoors have to do with some nuisance behaviors…that fighting. That yowling in the middle of the night…that no one likes. Tomcat smell. If anyone has evered tomcat No one wants to smell that, right? So when we get those cats spayed and neutered we are gonna reduce so many of those behavior. re not having that Tomcat stink. Bays said.

To get help with an overpopulation of feral cats or to make a donation, contact Coulee Region Meow Mission at or send an email to

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