Trio of Dogs Sleeping in Beds in Their Own Room Melts Hearts Online

A video on TikTok that has been viewed over 13 million times has given a new meaning to the concept of ‘dog beds’. In the video, which has amassed over two million likes, a woman can be seen saying goodnight to her three dogs, which look similar to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed, as they are all tucked up in their own individual small human beds, complete with duvets and pillows.

In the video user and owner of the dogs LaDodge79 can be heard talking to her three dogs, all tucked up and ready for bed, “Night night girlsies, mummy come and turn the telly off, go sleep, yeah? You comfy babe?. ..See you in the morning, more plays in the morning.”

Users were delighted in the extravagant treatment of the adorable pooches, with one user exclaiming, “Aww adorable. Love how they have their own bed. You are a very good Dog mom,” while another wrote, “You can just see how safe & content they are this is just beautiful.”

One user commented, “I wanna do this for my girl but she’d rather die than not be right beside me”, to which LaDodge79 replied, “The 3 of them are too much in our bed now. I was waking up in agony .”

The trend for making dogs their own extravagant sleeping quarters seems to be as popular now as ever. Newsweek has previously reported on pet owners turning cupboards in to dog bedrooms, an woman creating a doggy bedroom complete with bedside table, calming diffuser and potted plants, and even a sibling giving her sisters room to her chocolate Labrador after she moves out.

While a private room complete with pot plants might be a bit beyond the average person’s space limits or budgets, an article on Preventative Vet’s website, they stress the importance of your dog having some space to itself:

“Sometimes your dog just needs a break! Your dog might be naturally shy or nervous around different kinds of people, be fearful of louds or events, or dealing with noise anxiety.

“Creating a place your dog can escape to for some alone time reduces that anxiety and helps your dog cope with stressful situations.

“Even if your dog doesn’t suffer from fear or anxiety, it’s reassuring to have their own safe haven where they can go when they just want to relax for a bit.

“By giving your dog the choice to leave a situation, you increase their confidence in dealing with uncertain or stressful situations.”

Happy smiling dog in bed with duvet. Stock image. Creating a place your dog can escape to for some alone time reduces that anxiety and helps your dog cope with stressful situations.

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