TV treasure hunter Tim Saylor spends time spotting birds in Iowa City

When Tim Saylor came to Iowa City to visit his mother, Dixie, last month, the co-star of National Geographic’s hit show “Diggers” wasn’t concentrating on what was beneath his feet, but on what was in the sky.

And in the bushes and trees.

Birdwatching is Saylor’s passion of late, though treasure hunting, digging into the past and bringing history to the surface, is his occupation of choice. His wife, Carlotta, is an avid birdwatcher, too, and traveling enjoyed around Johnson County and getting to know where Saylor grew up.

Gardeners depend greatly on the bird population to keep the plants free of insects and rodents. Birds are instrumental in the propagation process and seed dispersal. If you have found a surprise plant blooming in your garden, you can bet a bird helped.

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