Twenty cats removed from East Alton apartment

Photo of John Badman

EAST ALTON — East Alton officials battled the unhealthy odors of animal feces and urine Wednesday to rescue about 20 cats from a duplex apartment in the 100 block of Ohio Street after removing the female resident from the apartment.

East Alton Police Chief Scott Golike said that, around noon Wednesday, police called the East Alton Fire Department for assistance and breathing apparatus to help officers removing the cats which were mostly kittens.

The odor could be smelled from the street. Officials consider it was unhealthy for first responders to spend time in the apartment unit without breathing apparatus. Firefighters arrived, and an officer traded his Kevlar vest for an air pack to safely enter the apartment.

The cats were handed off to officials on the porch and placed in animal carriers for transport to the East Alton Street Department building. Nearly all communities in the county transfer their collected animals to the Madison County Animal Shelter in Edwardsville.

Officials with the East Alton Police, Fire and Building and Zoning Departments participated in the cat removal effort Wednesday.

Golike said the woman who was living in the apartment is currently receiving help.

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