Visitors to St. Louis get SUV, dogs stolen

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) — Marcos Chaljub-Zambrano and Freddy Zambrano-Chaljub spent Wednesday putting up flyers along Sidney Street in Soulard. They’re desperately hoping someone will find their missing French bulldog named Disko.

“And we really just hope to get our dog back. At this point all the other stuff is material and insured and replaceable, but not our Disko,” said Freddy.

The couple set out in April on a quest to visit all lower 48 states. They had been to most west coast states by the time they stopped in St. Louis last weekend.

On Monday, they have dinner at an outdoor table of a restaurant on Washington Avenue near 14th Street. Because of the heat, they left their two dogs in their Hyundai Sante Fe, parked close by, with the engine running and the air conditioner on. When a bus stopped and obscured their view, a thief jumped in their vehicle and drove away.

“Well I was really frantically trying to get someone to stop and chase them but that was fruitless,” said Marcos.

All the possessions they’d brought on the trip, including legal documents and medication, were in the SUV. And the couple’s two dogs were gone.

Later they received a phone call from someone who’d found their dog, Rocky, and some of their possessions along Garfield Avenue. Security footage from a business along Sidney Street captured a thief tossing out some of their stolen items.

An Apple air tag in a backpack showed it traveled to a couple of locations in south St. Louis, as well as O’Fallon Park in north St. Louis. Louis and to Chain of Rocks Drive. The couple said police have checked out some of the locations but haven’t found the stolen vehicle, the missing dog or any suspects.

Freddy and Marcos are asking for the public’s help finding Disko.

“If you see him or if somebody tried to sell him to you, please call us. We’re not interested in any of the material things we just want our dog back,” said Marcos.

A post about the search for Disko on the Greater St. Louis Missouri Lost and Found Paws Facebook page has been shared 400 times. Someone who learned about the couple’s missing dog has provided a free place for them to stay while they search.

Freddy and Marcos have posted photos of places they’ve visited, as well as their missing dog flyer, on their Instagram page, Wanderlust Bears. If you find their French bulldog, you’re asked to call them at (347) 558-2316 or (917) 804-8059.

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