Waukesha ‘puppy mill’ law would ban sale of dogs, cats in the city

WAUKESHA – The answer to the question “How much is that doggie in the window?” only results in more questions, including whether that pup should be for sale at all.

That’s a conundrum the city of Waukesha faces as it considers a rule that would formally prohibit the sales of certain domesticated animals at for-profit retail stores, amid rumors that a retailer is now interested in a vacant store along the city’s northern edge.

It’s not the retailers that concern city officials. It’s where the animals come from, and how badly they have been bred and treated in the name of profit, particularly in what are often referred to as “puppy mills” and “kitten mills.”

In addition to dogs, the proposed Humane Pet Store ordinance — which follows a growing movement among municipalities, including Wauwatosa — would also address cats and rabbits, both of which sometimes are bred by commercial breeders whose track records are less than ethical, if not technically illegal.

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