What Does a Successful Season Look Like for the Birds?

Last Season

Last season, nobody saw the Philadelphia Eagles as a threat in the NFC East, let alone the entire National Football League. Nobody saw them as a playoff team.

Despite expectations, the Eagles were among the most surprising teams in the NFL. They finished the season at 9-8 and slid into the final wild-card spot. Although they made the playoffs, the result left much to be desired. The Buccaneers took care of business ending the Eagles season with a 31-15 drubbing.

This Season

The bar has been set that this is a playoff team. A successful season starts with making the playoffs. My question is, where do they have to finish in the standings for the season to be a success? Since they finished in the final wild-card spot, the Eagles need to at least finish above that.

For a truly successful season, this team needs to win the division. They are a better team with all of their additions, which should show in the record. However, if they finish around 9-8, it won’t feel like a successful season, even if they make the playoffs.

It is always tricky to predict a successful season because if they run the table and are the one or two seed in the playoffs, we would expect them to be successful in the playoffs. But if they are a lower record division winner, the playoff expectations might not be the same. This season they need to be competitive in the playoff game. Even with the veterans, this is still a young team with a lot of growing together. Playoff success doesn’t come overnight, and I would be curious to see how Hurts plays in his second playoff game.

I do not believe they need to win a playoff game to have a successful season, but I need to see improvement on last seasons playoff loss. Last year they looked like a team that was in their first playoffs as a group. They need to build on their 2021 regular season and win the division.

Quick Prediction

There is no doubt in my mind this team is going to be better than last year. There is too much talent on this team not to succeed. There is a young core of talent in their first season together, so there could be growing pains, but there is too much talent to settle for a wild-card spot. This season the Eagles will take home the NFC East crown and win a playoff game. Unfortunately, I think they lose in the second round of the playoffs, as Hurts will need another year to fully develop as the quarterback to take them deep into the playoffs.

Photo Credit: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

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