Whitfield County man still concerned about dog attack | Local News

A Whitfield County man said his family is still traumatized after a neighbor’s dog attacked their two smaller dogs on Sunday, killing one.

“My grandma had let the dogs out,” Cody Coppock said. “And the neighbor’s dog, I think it is an Akita and has to weigh over 100 pounds, came and snatched my dogs off my porch.”

Before Coppock could react the dog had killed a Maltese-Yorkshire terrier mix.

“It had my little poodle in its mouth, and I started chasing after it. That’s when it got me,” Coppock said.

Coppock said he got the poodle away. He said he suffered injuries to his face and hand.

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, around 4:52 pm a deputy was sent to the Coppocks’ home on Waring Road near Varnell “in reference to a report of an aggressive dog.”

The deputy was met by the caller “Michael Coppock, who advised that a large gray dog ​​(owned by his neighbors …) had escaped its home and attacked Mr. Coppock’s two small poodle dogs in Mr. Coppock’s front yard. advised that his wife, Janice Coppock, was letting the dogs out the front door to use the bathroom, when the neighbors` dog appeared in the yard and attacked both of the small dogs, which resulted in the death of one and profuse bleeding from another (The representative) was shown both of these animals and their conditions. While speaking with Coppock, multiple neighbors stopped by to advise that they had also had issues with this particular dog escaping their home and attacking their pets also.

The representatives went to the neighbors’ home. The owner “of the aggressive dog … stated that his dog had escaped out the back door of the residence for a total of about five minutes before returning to the house, where it was brought back inside.” The owner said “he was unaware of what the dog had done and advised that he would get rid of his dogs.”

The owner said “that he did not believe his dog had received a rabies vaccination and had no proof to show this.”

The representative called a county animal control officer who recommended “at the moment” issuing the dog owner citations for animal at large and no proof of rabies vaccination, which the representative did.

The next day animal control took the dog to the animal shelter where it will be held for 10 days.

“During the 10-day period, we will monitor for medical and behavior issues with the animal,” said the county Board of Commissioners Chairman Jevin Jensen.

Jensen and County Administrator Robert Sivick said they could not comment further because the incident is under investigation.

Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Paul Woods confirmed Tuesday the incident has been turned over to an contempt.

No one appeared to be at the neighbors’ home on Tuesday afternoon.


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