Who is Emmanuel the emu? Bird goes viral on TikTok for endlessly disrupting owner’s videos

Emmanuel, the emu from a South Florida farm, is gaining fans for his antics on TikTok. The bird is seen disrupting Taylor Blake, a farm worker, every time she tries to create an informational video for the platform.

Internet users are having a blast looking at the funny videos of Emmanuel and his hilarious back-and-forth with Blake. His most recent video on the platform has gained over 14.7 k likes.

Emmanuel the emu loves to photobomb Taylor Blake’s TikTok videos

The bird lives with many other animals on Knuckle Bump Farms. Taylor Blake is a content creator who works on the farm and creates, or better said, “tries to create,” informational videos about farm animals.

However, most times Blake starts filming her video, she is interrupted by the bird, who seems to be immensely curious about her video recording device.

Blake tries to stop Emmanuel and asks him to stop by shouting or commanding, “No, Emmanuel, stop,” but the bird seems unaffected most of the time. He walks into the frame, looks amusingly at the camera, and pecks it with his beak to knock it down to the ground. He often admires his work and stars at the fallen device, which continues to record the bird’s expression.

Emmanuel heard about the love he’s getting on Twitter and had to flex on y’all real quick 🥵 https://t.co/uKmkezxPT4

Emmanuel has made himself a big online following, who visit Blake’s account to watch his antics.

Emmanuel is not the only animal on the farm who likes to disrupt Blake and her TikTok videos. Princess, the deer, also likes to photobomb the videos, and she likes to bite and nip at Blake’s arms. Then there are Emmanuel’s sisters, Ellen and Regina, who, too, like to knock down the camera with their beaks. They, however, are more receptive to commands when compared to Emmanuel.

The mischievous platoon has garnered over 679k followers for @knucklebumpfarms on TikTok.

Here’s what viewers have to say about the troop:

Users love to watch the animal (Image via Knuckle Bump Farms/TikTok)

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Emus mate for life and their eggs are usually 13 cm (5 inches) long, with a dark green exterior. Their eggs need to be incubated in a ground nest for almost 60 days to hatch.

In wildlife, these birds run hundreds of miles to find food and water, so their bodies have a mechanism to store large amounts of fat for this daily chore.

A major part of their diet is made up of seeds, fruits, flowers, and young shoots. They also have insects and small vertebrates when they are easily available.


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