Wilmington shelter aids birds brought ashore by Tropical Storm Colin

Mary Ellen Rogers is accustomed to people bringing her sick and injured birds. As director of Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter, a wild bird rehabilitation center located on Oak Island, caring for birds in need goes with the territory.

But she wasn’t prepared for what happened on Saturday, July 2. Calls kept coming about birds washing ashore, and people continued to show up at the shelter with birds they had found on the beach.

Mary Ellen Rogers, director of Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter on Oak Island, checks on one of the stronger great shearwaters that washed on Brunswick's coast over the July 4th holiday weekend.

“There were people lined up outside the door,” Rogers recalled. “They are in their bathing suits, they’re soaking wet because they’ve been in the ocean, and they have this bird all wrapped up in a towel, and they’re like, ‘Can you help this guy?’ It was so wonderful.”

At first, Rogers and her staff of volunteers tried to take down the names of those who dropped off birds, but with so many being brought in, it became overwhelming.

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