Woman Fakes Phone Call Using Dog’s Favorite Words in Hilarious Video

A dog from Australia has gone viral for his reaction after hearing his owner talking on the phone, mentioning words that he likes, and the internet can’t take it.

In a post shared on TikTok on Monday, the dog’s owner, known as Kara Speck, explained she faked a call using trigger words to see her dog’s reaction, and it didn’t disappoint.

During the fake call the woman can be heard saying: “I’m just calling to see, maybe you wanted to go for a walk? Maybe we can go to nanny’s house?” and the dog, an American staffy cross ridgeback, started listening more carefully.

Then she said: “I’m kind of hungry, so I kind of want some peanut butter,” and the dog’s attention grew. It then becomes too much to handle when she says: “I feel like some treats.” At that point, the dog jumped off the bed and got ready to get his treat at nanny’s house.

According to research by VCA Animal Hospital, dog’s ability to comprehend human body language and intonation is amazing.

Dogs know more than just command words like ‘Sit’, ‘Stay’ or ‘Walk’, they can learn the meaning of many words and can grasp that meaning even better when we say those words in an appropriate tone.”

“Dogs may have basically the same cognitive ability as a 6 to 12-month-old human infant. Think about this. Both a dog and a human baby quickly grasp the meaning of ‘NO!” when grabbing a crumb from the floor and trying to pop it in their mouths. Do they really know the difference between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ or do they respond to our commanding tone of voice and anxious body language?”

The video has attracted a lot of online attention, and so far it has received over 140,600 likes, 2,039 comments and 7,024 re-shares, in less than 24 hours. One user, BjB commented: “He’s packing his shit.. he’s going to nanny’s!” And ash.jc added: “I’m grab the keys.”

Another user, TC said: “The ‘T’ word sent him over the edge.” Melody wrote: “Awesome dog, very funny he is.” And Ty O added: “He held out as long as he could!”

Peter Nagy joked: “Dog was like… I’ll warm the car up!” And Dean commented: “Yea, he knows what peanut butter means eh.. eh..”

Daley said: “wow he really understands you.” Marcus pointed out: “he’s a good boy knows the English language.” And Riversparkles99 said: “Brilliant can’t stop laughing he was like ok mum let’s go now.”

Another user, bonhomme_7h joked: “he lost it at peanut butter.”

While other users shared experiences with their dogs. 1ilybean said: “OMG we have a dog exactly like your one and she gets super excited when we say trigger words to, such a cool dog.”

67_central said: “dog: boy u said nannys U SAID TREATS OHHH LORDDDDDD IM COMING GRANDMA.” And Staffordshirelass28 added: “Oh bless his beautiful furry paws he knew exactly what u were saying.”

A stock image shows an American Staffordshire dog and its owner. A dog has gone viral for its reaction to hearing his owner say its favorite words on the phone.
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