Woman Praised for ‘Embarrassing’ Brother-in-Law Over Cat Trimmer Mishap

A man’s hilarious mishap, involving a beard trim and an incorrect razor, has gained attention online, as people slam his response after being called out.

His brother’s wife took to Reddit to ask the age-old internet question of “am i the a**hole” after being left in a moral dilemma about her reaction. The woman shared that her whole family had been at a BBQ she hosted for her sister’s engagement party. According to her, the day was going well until one turn of events.

“As everyone was loading up their plates to eat I noticed my brother-in-law grabbing a plate and paused because I swear he looked different than he did when he showed up. I couldn’t pin why at first but when he sat down at the table, his mom asked him if he’d trimmed his beard,” she wrote in the popular post, which can be seen here.

The brother-in-law informed the family that he had used a beard trimmer he found in the bathroom during the BBQ and added that he “hoped she didn’t mind.”

Stock image of a man shaving with a cat next to him. A man’s hilarious mishap, involving a beard trim and an incorrect razor, has gained attention online.
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“Then it hit me,” she wrote. “He’d used the cat trimmer I keep in the downstairs bathroom. The one I use to trim my four very fluffy cats’ butt hair and shave off dingleberries to keep them clean.”

After gaining confirmation from him that it was in fact that very razor, the woman said she “lost it.” His initial embarrassment at being caught going through their cupboards to find the razor was soon overtaken by even worse news.

“I laughed so hard I thought I might choke. Even typing this out now is hard because just remembering it is making me laugh again. My brother-in-law got p**sed and asked what was so damn funny and without thinking I just blurted out what the trimmer is used for. My husband started laughing his a** off followed by just about everyone on my side of the family and a good chunk of his side too.”

The brother-in-law then stormed out of the BBQ and called them all “a**holes.” Her mother-in-law criticized her for “embarrassing” him but her husband took her side, she wrote.

In 2013, a Wakefield Research survey of 1,000 adults—in part, on how people reacted to certain situations—found the brother-in-law was a part of the minority when it comes to dealing with embarrassing moments. The study showed that 6 percent will leave the room when they are embarrassed while 22 percent will make a joke to cover it up.

It’s because of his reaction the Reddit users were left in support of the sister-in-law and defended her response to the situation.

“Who the hell goes through someone else’s bathroom cabinets and decides to groom themselves using a trimmer they find?!? I honestly expected it to be a trimmer used for personal bits, so the revelation that the trimmer is used on cat butts was an unexpected turn,” wrote one user.

“I’d buy that guy his own personal trimmer as a birthday/Christmas present but that might be taking it too far.”

There’s ‘responses’ and then there’s ‘reactions.’ You reacted to a situation/information that you couldn’t have prepared yourself a ‘proper response’ for,” added another. “This reminds me of when my brother helped himself to a particular body wash of mine when we were both visiting my parents.

“I burst into laughter because it was ‘Summer’s Eve’ (in the labeled, branded bottle) and he got mad when I told him at all.”

“He’s not upset at how you handled it, he’s upset his actions were stupid but he wants to be mad at someone other than himself. You only made it a little easier for him to do that since the reveal was more public and that’s easy to point to as the ‘wrongdoing.'”

Another user warned: “Play stupid games win stupid prizes. His own fault for going through your stuff. I would have reacted the same way bc once you realize what he did and how funny it is, you can’t really hide your reaction. Maybe he’ll learn his lesson about going through other people’s drawers!”

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