‘Zorro’ cat makes his mark as a viral sensation on TikTok

This cat has purr-sonality in the form of the mysterious masked crusader.

One of Indraini Wahyudin Noor’s many cats — this one cryptically named “Boy” — is going viral for bearing an uncanny resemblance to Zorro.

The nine-month-old Persian kitten has a distinct black patch surrounding both eyes that looks just like the iconic mask of the hero created by American “pulp” writer Johnston McCulley in 1919.

He isn’t too different from a regular cat, as Noor says, “he always wants to be petted, cuddled and held. He likes to play a lot, but he hates being bathed each week.”

After highlighting Boy on social media, the videos quickly gained thousands of views with comments on the resemblance to the masked vigilante who’s been played by the likes of Antonio Banderas on the silver screen.

For the uninitiated: Zorro’s secret identity is one Don Diego de la Vega, a young nobleman living in the Spanish colony of California in the early 1800s. After his father is struck down by a Spanish soldier, Diego vows to defend the people against oppression while posing as a naive stable boy for the governor, Don Carlos.

Meanwhile, Noor — and Boy — now share almost 300,000 followers on TikTok, racking up nearly 8 million likes in total. Fan are going positively whiskers in the comments.

Indraini Wahyudin Noor’s youngest cat, Boy, bares a resemblance to Zorro.
NY Post photo composite

“His secret identity must be protected at all cost 🤣” said one commenter.

Otheres, however, questionedNoor’s naming skills byasking why Boy’s name had nothing to do with his appearance: “How does this cat have a name other than Bandit???” one user equipped.

Indraini Wahyudin Noor holding a cat.
Boy, seen here with his human, Noor, is described as a “very spoiled cat.”

Noor jumped in on the joke, revealing that he now plays the Zorro theme song — from the TV series starring Guy Williams that ran from 1957 through 1961 — for Boy’s listening pleasure.

“I also think he looks just like Zorro, and I think he likes regularly listening to the Zorro music,” the proud cat daddy said. “People who see him for the first time usually say that he’s unique, cute and how he looks just like Zorro. They even call him the cat thief! Reactions from my subscribers are mostly cute, they want to hug him and some even want to have him!”

As one newfound fan posted on one of Noor’s popular TikTok videos: “GOSH dang it I WANT YOUR CAT!!!!”

White cat with black patches with its fur standing up.
Zorro cat has given his owner almost 300,000 TikTok followers.
White cat with black patches standing on a ledge.
Boy is Noor’s favorite cat.
White cat with black patches sitting on a glass table.
Boy is only nine months old.


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